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    Yogic treatment of addiction

    Yogic treatment of addiction – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Yoga is an effective therapy in addiction treatment as it integrates the body, mind and spirit, to return the individual to balance and wholeness. Using yoga as a therapy can help a person to control any compulsive behaviors that contributes to their addiction. Many addiction treatment centers have introduced the use of yoga as part of an addiction recovery program. Over the years, the evidence that yoga has beneficial effects on those in treatment for addiction has grown.

    Yoga as part of effective addiction treatment delivers a number of benefits to the recovering addict, including new methods for relieving stress and a process of challenging oneself to overcome challenges. The combination of yoga with therapy and other treatments has proven to be successful.

    The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction

    • It enhances the physical health
    • The person learns about their body and develops better control over it.
    • It finds the perfect balance between the mind, body, and inner spirit.
    • It increases a person’s self awareness on a physical and psychological level.
    • It helps people to gain a more positive outlook on life, and increase their vitality,
    • Breathing exercises performed during yoga therapy can increase brain activity and improve communication between the right and left sides of the brain
    • It can help a person to focus more on what is important, and block out these worries and stresses that are not beneficial to their recovery.

    The meditation and breathing practices taught throughout the session provide the client with valuable tools they can take with them when they leave.  These are proven methods for dealing with life’s stresses.  Techniques to calm anxiety, lift mild depression, combat stress, diffuse anger and resentment, and restore a sense of serenity.  These techniques can be used anytime, anywhere to break the cycle of stress induced cravings as they arise. Through the continued practice of yoga, a sense of much needed peace and equanimity can be realized.