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    • Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Homeopathic Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Psychotherapy Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Surgical Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Anaphylaxis
      • Other Treatment of Anaphylaxis
    • What is Anaphylaxis
    • Symptoms of Anaphylaxis
    • Causes of Anaphylaxis
    • Risk factors of Anaphylaxis
    • Complications of Anaphylaxis
    • Lab Investigations and Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis
    • Precautions & Prevention of Anaphylaxis

    Treatment of Anaphylaxis

    Homeopathic Treatment of Anaphylaxis helps alleviate the tremendous anxiety and fear of dying that may occur during or immediately following an anaphylactic reaction. It reduces rapidly swelling skin following an insect bite or sting. Some of the remedies are:

    • Aconitum
    • Arnica Montana
    • Apis Mellifica
    • Carb ac
    • Tor c

    Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Anaphylaxis

    Allopathic Treatment of Anaphylaxis involves the following medications:

    • Intravenous (IV) antihistamines and cortisone
    • Epinephrine
    • A beta agonist
    • Oxygen, to help compensate for restricted breathing
    • Prednisone or antihistamines

    What is Anaphylaxis

    Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It is also known as anaphylaxis shock. It should always be treated as a medical emergency.

    Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

    • Flushed or pale skin
    • Feeling of warmth
    • Sensation of a lump in your throat
    • Weak and rapid pulse
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Swollen tongue or throat
    • Trouble breathing

    Causes of Anaphylaxis

    • Foods, such as peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, pecans), fish, shellfish, milk and eggs
    • Certain medications, especially penicillin
    • Latex
    • Muscle relaxants used during general anesthesia
    • Exercise

    Risk factors of Anaphylaxis

    • Personal history of anaphylaxis
    • Allergies or asthma
    • Family history

    Complications of Anaphylaxis

    • It can stop breathing or stop your heartbeat

    Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis

    Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis involves the following tests:

    • Skin tests
    • Blood tests
    • Keep a detailed list of what you eat or to stop eating certain foods for a time

    Precautions & Prevention of Anaphylaxis

    • Avoid wearing sandals or walking barefoot in the grass
    • If you have specific food allergies, carefully read the labels
    • Keep a properly stocked emergency kit with prescribed medications available
    • Alert your doctor to your drug allergies

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