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    Spiritual Foolishness


    How difficult it has become to find ‘normal’ people. Sensibility is an impossible task. There are ‘material sinners’ or ‘spiritual fools’.

    World and life are usually divided into two – material and spiritual. It is said that some are driven towards material world and succumb to Vikrati (disorder) of Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh. And those who are on spiritual path must give up or fight these Vikrati for realization of truth and God. And most ‘bad’ thing according to them is sex.

    Stay away from sex. Don’t even look at it, there should be no thought. Sad and strange, people are told to give up sex even in married life or told to stay away from marriage or relationship. Their spiritual realization is so weak and fragile that sex will destroy it. What a shame !!

    There are too many spiritual guru and spiritual sect around the world which will show you the way and teach you how to fight and win these Vikrati. This is as if they ‘know all’ and are realized souls. Blind showing path to blinds. These so called guru and sect have failed to do any good in this world. They have even failed in helping disciples becoming better human beings or rise in spiritual journey. All they have done is to have big empire, huge following, even more huge money, big pomp and show. And to prove good they talk big spiritual words and do some charity to prove goodness. End result is also big zero.

    Reason is simple. The path shown is wrong. Material sinners to one extreme are attached and surrender to temptations of Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh and spiritual fools are reversely attached to Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh by fighting them hard. In the end both are two sides of same coin. They fail to understand it is not their whimsical impulse that will help them in living a sensible life and true development, it is the Dharma, the path of righteousness which will help them in correcting the Vikrati, the disorder and lead to ultimate truth, the ultimate consciousness.

    These guru and sect are intentionally making all this so tough and complicated. They appear ‘God like’ to people. They have numerous stories too in their support. People out of ignorance and fear surrender to them.

    In reality none of the Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh is a Vikrati or a disorder. Real Vikrati or disorder is the attachment to them and reverse attachment by trying to fight them out of life.

    Path is simple. Just identify your whimsical selfish attachment and use of Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh. Use them sensibly and appropriately according to Dharma for welfare of self and others. This is what Geeta has told to be in moderation. This is the real path shown as Dharm Arth Kaam Moksha.

    Honesty is the key. Be honest with yourself, identify your weakness. Gradually attain the state of Dharma using Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh in right proportion, in right manner, at right place and towards right purpose. This will help you in true spiritual development and supreme consciousness. Having sex, eating good food, wearing good clothes, making a good house or enjoying life is not a barrier in spiritual growth. On the contrary they are necessary and helpful.

    God has created everything. Look at the beauty of nature. How can God expect you to become dull and boring away from everything? All that God expect is to raise your consciousness from narrow minded selfish I to Dharma. Spiritual foolishness of fighting away everything is as bad as surrendering to material temptations. Be sensible.

    This is the essence of life, this is Yog, this is realization. God is right here, God is every where. God does not see you as sinner. God loves you. Of course what you sow so you reap. If you harm others, bad result will follow. That is not punishment but merely a result of deed. God is not cruel. God has given you sensibility to use Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Moh in right proportion and create a good life and also rise higher in spiritual journey.

    This world is a lab. Lab of good and bad, right and wrong. Do not worry about lab. God will take care of it. This lab has given you an opportunity to create balance and harmony. Even if you wish to help mankind, bring a change within yourself. Just commit to path of Dharma. Make God your guru and surrender your whimsical selfish ideas to God. God will guide you what to do, how to do and for what. Your consciousness will grow to supreme consciousness and that will be true Yog true Realization – the Nirvana.