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    Chatting addiction

    Chatting online is a way of communicating with contacts, friends, and family instantly. Millions of people use chat rooms daily. It is fun for those millions of people. The need for chat overwhelms some people, and they find themselves caught up in the addiction of chat. Slowly life revolves around chat with every waking moment possible focused on the next text or chat.

    Chatting addiction is an addiction when the need for chat is greater than any other activity in your life. Hours can pass unnoticed when someone is online, talking to friends. With choices such as voice chats, or ICQ chats, or AOL chats, etc. meeting different people becomes almost like a daily expectation. The relationships and friendships one builds with people through the Internet are totally different than in “real life”. Although there is a strong possibility that the person you are speaking to, is not really who they say they are.

    Effects of chatting addiction

    • It takes up your whole day, and many hours of your life
    • It can also ruin your ability to type real words
    • It contributes to stress, isolation and loneliness
    • Causes family members to feel neglected and unloved
    • You lack social support

    The chatting addiction make a person lose even more social skills in the real world. Seldom will an internet chat room addict ever get to meet the people he or she is chatting to. It would ruin the facade the addicts are putting up for their chat room colleagues. Unfortunately, this type of computer addiction can have a drastic effect on an individual’s personality and health.