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    Truth of being


    Nothing is and can be beyond God. Since every being including you is undifferentiated part of higher consciousness, we all have some basic characteristics. These are:

    1. Nitya – The existence is there from ever to ever. You were always present and will be always present.
    2. Mukta – By nature you are free. The bondage if felt is only due to wrong identification and attachment.
    3. Shuddha – By nature you are pure. Any impurity felt is delusion.
    4. Buddha – You have Gyan (complete knowledge) within. You will get answer to all questions from within.
    5. Shant – Peace is your nature. It is us who make life chaotic.
    6. Sat – You are truth. Where are you searching for truth, when you are truth?
    7. Chitt – You have inherent chetna (life). No need to be afraid of death.
    8. Anand – Happiness and bliss is your nature. It is there within.

    Be Realized!