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    Sperm and Egg Donation

    Sperm and Egg Donation – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

    With the advancement of medical science, egg donation and sperm donation has become a possibility. Most couples, after getting married, want to begin raising their own families. But if they are facing infertility, the couple can turn to a reproductive clinic which can help the woman get pregnant with the use of eggs and sperm that were donated by other people. Couples who do not have the pleasure of being mother or father due to any of the reason pay a huge amount to buy these sperms or eggs. The can get these eggs or sperms injected in their body as per their need and can easily conceive a baby.

    Egg donation

    Egg donation is a valid process in which women donate their egg cells to reproductive clinics or egg banks for research or reproduction purposes. This is done by fertilizing the donated egg with the husband’s sperm and implanting the fertilized egg in the woman’s body to achieve conception. There are various banks especially dedicated to it.

    Consider the following points if you wish to become an egg donor.

    • Egg donors are usually young women above 21 and below 35.
    • Healthy height and weight is a must.
    • Smoking and Drinking should be strictly avoided
    • Cut down on work load 2-3 weeks prior to the procedure and visit clinics for testing

    Sperm donation

    Sperm donation is commonly defined as the provision of sperms by a man with the sole intention of impregnating a woman or helping a woman conceive. The woman may or may not be the man’s sexual partner. Sperm donation commonly assists heterosexual couples unable to produce children because of ‘male factor’ fertility problems, but it is increasingly used as a means to enable single women and single and coupled lesbians to have children

    Pregnancies are most commonly achieved via sperm donation by the use of artificial insemination and less commonly by IVF, rather than by sexual intercourse. A sperm donor may donate his sperm directly to recipient women, at a clinic known as a sperm bank or fertility clinic. Sperm banks evaluate the medical history of the individual before accepting his sperms. Sperms are stored in safe, secure and state of the art storage facilities.

    Sperm donation and egg donation has helped many couples across the globe to have a baby. They have proven to be the ideal and most effective solution for infertility.