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    What is Wellness

    Wellness is the proactive, dynamic & progressive living in a higher and positive state of body and mind. It involves integration of body, mind and spirit. It is characterized by preservation, growth and development of different aspects of self.

    Dimensions of Wellness 

    Physical Wellness

    • Keep body healthy and work actively towards it.
    • Adopt health promoting lifestyle.
    • Eat balanced and healthy nutrition.
    • Keep body weight in right zone.
    • Incorporate regular physical activity and exercise.
    • Say no to harmful habits, substance abuse and addictions.
    • Take adequate rest and sleep.
    • Avoid unhealthy sex.
    • Prevent injuries by being alert and avoiding risky behavior.
    • Maintain adequate self hygiene and self care.
    • Undergo required medical checkup and act as per advice.
    • Prevent sickness by controlling sickness causing factors.
    • Enhance fitness by activities like Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Sports etc.

    Intellectual Wellness

    • Stay alert and observant through five senses.
    • Be aware and present minded.
    • Be active and interact positively with people, circumstances and environment.
    • Be curious, learn more and apply what you have learned.
    • Seek intellectually stimulating environment.
    • Learn goal setting, planning, decision making and problem solving.
    • Learn task management and organizational skills.
    • Learn stress coping skills.
    • Look for and make best use of opportunities.
    • Learn creativity and apply it in day to day life.
    • Look at difficult circumstances as challenge and opportunity.
    • Develop efficient thinking. Balance firmness and flexibility. 

    Emotional Wellness

    • Understand own & others feelings & needs.
    • Work on emotional stability.
    • Accept self limitations in right spirit and work on them for self growth.
    • Learn to express own feelings & needs.
    • Get over disappointments and turn scars to stars.
    • Avoid stress and learn stress coping skills.
    • Be realistic, do not distort facts about self, others and circumstances.
    • Learn about mind body relation.
    • Learn inter relation of thoughts, feelings and behavior.
    • Learn methods of healthy recreation and self release.
    • Grow constructive habits and hobbies. 

    Social Wellness

    • Understand and appreciate social norms, values and beliefs.
    • Learn to be at ease and relate well with others.
    • Learn to think for common welfare and social justice.
    • Develop effective communication.
    • Develop positive interdependent relationships based on mutual trust, commitment, honesty and respect.
    • Learn to create own space and respect others space. 

    Cultural Wellness

    • Learn about culture & richness of heritage.
    • Understand & appreciate how culture can improve quality of life.
    • Integrate culture into everyday life.
    • Avoid cultural rigidity. 

    Occupational Wellness

    • Develop skills and talents and make best use of them.
    • Explore opportunities & understand occupational requirements.
    • Identify self aptitude and meaning of occupation in life.
    • Develop identification and commitment with occupation.
    • Understand and assume responsibility. 

    Environmental Wellness

    • Create comfortable and stimulating environment.
    • Keep environment clean and safe.
    • Respect and develop environment, reduce pollutions.
    • Develop harmony of self with environment. 

    Spiritual Wellness

    • Understand meaning and purpose of life.
    • Nourish constructive personal beliefs & philosophy of life.
    • Grow towards self realization.
    • Develop faith and justice.

    Why Wellness should be the way of life 

    • It helps in keeping mind body machine in best possible state.
    • It improves efficiency and helps in realizing best of our potential.
    • It helps in achieving our goal of meaning & purpose of life.
    • It gives one a quality living.
    • It helps in avoiding mental and physical suffering.
    • It paves way to success in life, joy and happiness.
    • It improves one’s relationships and minimizes stress & discords.
    • It saves time and money in a big way.
    • It is good for self, family, community, country and entire world.

    How to achieve Wellness

    • Give wellness an undisputed topmost priority.
    • Understand and assume full responsibility of your wellness.
    • Continuously learn, be aware and be ready for required changes.
    • Plan comprehensively and take proactive action.
    • Take positive and judicious choices.
    • Adopt holistic & healthy lifestyle.
    • Take authentic, professional help when required.
    • No excuses, no lethargy and at the same time no fuss.
    • Beware of shopping mania in healthcare.