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    Depression and Substance Abuse

    Depression and Substance Abuse

    Not every person is lucky enough to have a peaceful and satisfactory life. Some problem ought to pop up in every person’s life. The important part is to ensure that such issues are observed and managed positively rather than getting stressed out. In cases where a person is not able to handle the problems, then mental illnesses like depression are diagnosed in the respective individual. There are various factors behind the occurrence of depression, but these days, substance abuse is one of the hot ones. This includes drug and alcohol abuse. As per one of the latest researches, it is found that 18 percent of the global population is affected by drug usage related disorders. Apart from this, 16.5 percent is affected with disorders related to alcohol consumption. Another engaging survey has revealed that 1 out of 4 individuals diagnosed with mental illness also has a substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse is also popularly known as addiction. Addictions to drugs and alcohol lead to depression in several individuals, primarily in the youth generation. When a patient is diagnosed with both depression and substance abuse, then it is called as “Dual Diagnosis”.

    Symptoms of depression linked to substance abuse: Depression and substance abuse are correlated to each other. At times, medical experts have mentioned that depression often leads to substance abuse, and the warning signs and symptoms must be taken into consideration.

    • Many of the patients want to get rid of substance abuse disorder. But then, if one tries the same, strong withdrawal symptoms are seen, which includes nervousness, tremors, nausea, or agitation.
    • One often feels guilty with the fact that he is consuming drugs or alcohol. He feels this despite receiving relaxation after the intake of these substances.
    • With time, the body of the patient needs more amount of drug to make sure that he gets the same relaxation over time.

    Treatment of substance abuse caused due to depression: When an individual is already addicted to alcohol or drugs and feels like being affected with depressive disorder. Here are some of the most commonly performed treatments for patients with such addiction and depression.

    • Anti-depressant medication: These medications form the base of the treatment of drug or alcohol-addicted patients who are recently diagnosed with depression.
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the self-defeating talks and thoughts are dealt with the help of expert counseling and guidance.
    • Trauma Therapies: The troubling memories are brought in the limelight, and the patient is taught to deal with them positively. This aids in the recovery process of the mental health of the patient.
    • Family Systems Therapy: This is a unique therapy where the counselor speaks and guide about how to deal with the family problems to other family members as well. This helps in bringing in improvement in the health of the patient.

    Thus, substance abuse contributes significantly to the deterioration of the overall health of the patient. One must keep a check on the lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of habits such as drug and alcohol abuse. Taking medical expert and counselor guidance will prove to be very beneficial for such patients.