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    Hypnotherapy treatment of addiction

    Hypnotherapy treatment of addiction – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Hypnotherapy is therapeutic technique used to safely access the powers of the subconscious mind. It acts to put an individual into a sleep-like state in which the person acts only on external suggestion. It may be used to incite different patterns of thought and behavior, and may be used by an external practitioner or self-administered with the use of pre-recorded sessions.

    Hypnotherapy has proven effective for getting a person to stop just about anything. It can be very effective in helping to treat a wide range of addictions. It aims to retrain the subconscious mind in order to affect and modify any sort of behaviors, including addictive ones. Hypnotherapy as a treatment for addiction comes along later in the rehabilitation process. The person seeking treatment needs to completely detoxify their system before they even consider undergoing treatment, and this usually means spending weeks or even months cleaning up.

    Hypnotherapy may reduce desires for addictive behaviors because it aids in relaxation. In a relaxed state of awareness, a patient may become more open and accepting of recovering from their addiction. This allows them to explore the ebb and flow of their own cravings – with the goal of putting together strategies to overcome them – without any stress or feelings of guilt getting in the way.

    Most addictions are psychological rather than purely physical in nature, and that’s why hypnotherapy can be such a powerful tool in dismantling the addiction. It’s rarely necessary in hypnotherapy to dig down into all the reasons why someone is addicted, or to explore exactly what it is that they get from the addiction.