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    What Is Iliotibial Band Syndrome And What You Should Know About It?

    What Is Iliotibial Band Syndrome And What You Should Know About It?

    ITBS or Iliotibial band syndrome is a form of injury that is caused by the overuse of the connective tissues. Those connective tissues are positioned on the knee and outer or part of the thigh. If you are suffering from that syndrome, you may witness some tenderness and pain in those particular areas. Most of the times, your knee joint will experience more intense pain. Well, to get out from that pain, it may take six weeks. So, let us know some more about Iliotibial band syndrome and how you should deal with it.

    What are the indications of Iliotibial band syndrome?

    In case, if you think that you are suffering from ITBS, there are some symptoms that you must check. If you are going through any of these symptoms, there is a possibility that you have come across ITBS.

    • A sensation of pain when you are running or doing any other activities that involve your knees.
    • When the band rubs against your knees, you may feel a clicking sensation.
    • Persistent pain after working out or doing exercise.
    • If you are feeling soreness on your buttocks.
    • Warmth and redness around the areas of your knee.

    Well, most of the times, the symptoms will raise their heads shortly after doing some activities.

    When must you consult a doctor?

    There are times when you will feel pain in the areas of your outer knees. And if you are doing any activities, that pain will become worse. This symptom is one of the most prevalent symptoms of Iliotibial band syndrome. If you are going through this symptom persistently, we would suggest you consult a doctor immediately.

    What are the reasons for Iliotibial band syndrome?

    Well, there are numerous causes of this syndrome. Let us have a look at those causes.

    Following the wrong training techniques

    • Not doing enough stretch, warm-up, and cooling down.
    • If you are pushing yourself too hard to go too far.
    • If you are not taking sufficient rests between your workout sessions.
    • Wearing snickers that are too worn out.

    Not training or running on the right surfaces

    Well, if you are running or training on the wrong surfaces, there is a possibility that you will suffer from this syndrome.

    • Running downhill
    • Running through only one side of the road.
    • If you are doing your training on the banked surfaces instead of the plain surfaces.

    Some physical conditions

    • Knee arthritis
    • Bowed legs
    • If your one leg is longer than the other one.
    • If you have weakness in your glutes, hip muscles, or abs.

    What are the treating options of ITBS?

    Now, let us discuss the treatment options of this syndrome.

    Well, to be precise, resting is the most important form of treatment. You have to take rest for at least six weeks if you want to come out from this painful syndrome.