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    Greying of Hair

    Treatment Greying Hair – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

    It is normal to see an aged person with grey hair, but in the present times, even young men and women complain of grey hair. Greying of hair is a great concern for younger adults nowadays, especially women. Having grey or white hair can be embarrassing as it makes you look much older than you are. Graying of hair may occur to some people who have medical conditions, but this should not worry you if you do not have any illness.

    Causes Of Greying of Hair

    • Lack of nutrition to the scalp due to improper diet
    • Stress and psychological worries
    • Deficiency in vitamins like Iron, Copper, Iodine, Vitamin B etc
    • Using very hot water while washing hair
    • Not cleaning the scalp regularly
    • Excessive blow drying
    • Regular usage of hair dyes
    • Hereditary condition

    Quick tips that help reverse gray hair issues

    The graying of hair after a certain age is a normal phenomenon, but when this starts in the early years of life, one should look into for remedies.

    • Avoid refined sugar and all products made from them.
    • Soft drinks, pastries, jams and jellies should be avoided.
    • Quit smoking
    • Reduce stress
    • Get plenty of exercise
    • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of anti-oxidant loaded vegetables and fruits
    • Get adequate sleep