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    Yoga & Exercise for Infertility management

    Yoga & Exercise for Infertility management – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

    Infertility yoga is a gentle way to enhance your fertility. It is particularly helpful for resolving difficulties with fertility and sexuality. The slow, flowing movements of yoga could be a solution to those who suffer from infertility

    Yoga works with the mind and the body, relaxing the mind and exercising the body to bring balance to both. It can be effective for women with blocked fallopian tubes, hormone imbalances or other fertility challenges, and it is also helpful for helping women to relieve stress, relax and prepare mentally and physically for conception. Yoga is best done early in the morning. You could also time your practice two to four hours after a meal. Remember to do some warm-up exercises before attempting any of type of exercise and yoga.

    Some yoga practices recommend certain poses and emphases for women struggling with infertility. To start the process both partners should have a comprehensive physical and psychological examination to determine that they are both without physical and mental conditions that could block conception. When entering a fertile time, start practicing restorative poses. As you practice, soften the abdominal area and begin to consciously remove tension from around the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. It increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain,

    Poses that open up the hips and pelvis or relax the belly and abdomen to encourage the downward flow of prana, which may open up a constricted uterine or stressed out nervous system, can increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Breathing is also very important, as it helps you to relax, and increases the flow of oxygen into the body. So when practicing yoga, start breathing more deeply and slowly, and maintain this rhythm of breathing throughout the session.

    Exercises to avoid during infertility treatment

    • Avoid bouncing activities such as vigorous step aerobics and running
    • Avoid any activity that increases your risk of falling, bumping or hitting your abdomen
    • Avoid activities such as horseback riding, vigorous racquet sports, downhill skiing or contact sports
    • Avoid overexerting your body

    Follow the above-mentioned keys for added help in how to prevent infertility. A consistent yoga practice can help restore self-love and a positive relationship to the physical body.