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    Life Management

    Life Management – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    For A Happy And Successful Life

    The ideal life

    What is an ideal life? It may be difficult to define. Also it varies person to person depending on one’s needs and priorities. But a wholesome life has certain parameters.

    Life Quotient LQ is a combination of various factors:

    • Spiritual Q
    • Happiness Q
    • Health Q
    • Sexuality Q
    • Intelligence Q
    • Emotional Q
    • Social Q
    • Financial Q
    • Achievement Q
    • Life Skill Q

    It is well balanced optimum development of these factors which leads to an ideal life about which one can have immense satisfaction as the life progresses.

    for this one needs to have :

    • Positive spirituality. It is not necessary to be very religious or spend hours praying but it is the inner state which is in union with higher consciousness. It is the journey of of self realization to self actualization.
    • Positive life path. One must determine the purpose of being. The path of life should become one of righteousness. This is the real meaning of yog, the union where one moves from disorder to order. Dharma should not be confused with religion. Dharma is the way of rightful life making truthful and wise choices thereby limiting impulsiveness. It is not necessary to become a saint but being a true human being must be the minimum.
    • Positive life goals. One must be careful in choosing goals. Goals must fit well into higher mission of life. They should not contradict else this will lead to loss of direction.
    • Positive self identity. One needs to create a positive self identity, a positive I. There are some factors which one cannot choose but one can give importance to many factors which one can choose to create a positive identity like honesty, integrity, commitment, wisdom etc. One can generate such positive traits in self and continue to grow through the course of life.
    • Positive mind & emotions. No need to tell that to have success and satisfaction in life how important it is to have positive mind and emotions. One needs to know that positive mind and emotions can be easily developed through right choices and attitude.
    • Positive health. Poor physical health can be the major source of distraction and loss of happiness, time, energy & resources. Surprisingly most of the time we are responsible for poor health and diseases. A healthy lifestyle is the best investment one can make in life.
    • Positive socialization. Relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors and others make valuable assets in life. Ask them who spend a lonely life, nothing is more painful. Relationships must be preserved thoughtfully and carefully making them enriched with symbiotic interdependence, integrating and mutually progressive.
    • Positive education. Education must lead to learning. It should growth oriented and should help in generation of wisdom. This being crucial foundation, one should make careful choices and efforts.
    • Positive vocation. Earning money is necessary and equally important is to grow in a vocation that is growth and aim oriented, that gives inner satisfaction, that helps to bring out best of you and that gives a positive identity.
    • Positive finance. One should be very careful here. Money may tempt but remember rich is not who has lots of money but rich is who knows money management. One must see that it comes from virtuous source and then must learn proper management that includes spending, saving and investment. Pay your tax properly, this will make you very rich by being a responsible citizen and feeling of self pride.
    • Positive worldly wise. Mere laying down rules is not sufficient. You need moment to moment discretion to live your life sensibly. There will be moments where it would be difficult to make a correct choice but that are your real test.
    • Positive activities. Do not live in past or future. Live the moment, remain occupied in positive activities and enjoy. Remember journey is equally important as goal. Make this your life’s motto – love live laugh. 

    Life Management

    It is a holistic psychotherapy which aims to rectify psycho – emotional complaints, treat mental sickness and strengthen positive mental health for mental calmness and efficient mental functioning. It has following components.

    • Free Consciousness of Self, Environment and Life Facts.
    • Life Skills Training.
    • Positive Living.

    Life management therapy has short and long term strategies for both acute and chronic complaints. It removes distress & negativity and promotes mental control & effective mental function. The highlight of life management therapy is the fact that it does not stop at treating mental sickness but continue to promote positive mental health.

    It covers all / some of the following aspects of life:

    • Life Management
    • Positive Health
    • Sickness Management
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management
    • Grief & Crisis Management
    • Anger Management
    • Memory & Mind Power
    • Relationship Management
    • Harmony & Happiness in Family
    • Role & Dignity of Senior Citizens
    • Marriage – Its success & relevance
    • Self / Personality Development
    • Healthy Sexuality
    • Bliss of Being –  The Science  of Spirituality

    Childhood and Adolescence Issues

    • Generation Gap
    • Jealousy
    • Adolescence Crisis
    • Study Skills
    • Delinquency (Anti Social Behavior)

    Health Issues

    • Sleep / Appetite Disorders
    • Addictions, Alcohol / Substance abuse
    • Pain Management
    • Psychosomatic / Psychosexual Complaints

    Mental Health Issues

    • Anxiety, Phobia, OCD & Depression
    • Emotional Quotient
    • Rational thinking
    • Poor Concentration / ADHD
    • Decision Making & Problem Solving
    • Confidence, Will Power & Self-esteem

    Communication Skills

    • Schizophrenia and other Psychiatric Diseases