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    Homeopathy for Healthy Hair

    Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women, and it has many different causes. Age, genetics, illness, and medications may all play a role.

    Hair-loss is again just an indicator that there is something not well in your body. The hairs may fall due to a local infection or due to a systemic disorder or deficiency. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss includes careful examination of the entire person, including symptoms, general health, emotional state and life circumstances. The prescribed remedy positively affects the entire person and as a result can reverse hair loss.

    Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is not only natural but also free from any side effects. It can be easily administered, and is suitable for men as well as women from all age groups. Homeopathic hair growth remedies are should be used after consulting a professional Homeopath

    Following is the list of homeopathic medicines for hair loss treatment that can be used.

    • Psorinum– It is useful in treating the hair loss that has occurred due to eczematous skin lesions on scalp.
    • Natrum muriaticum and Pulsatilla – these are being employed to treat the cases of hair fall in women after child birth.
    • Silicea – it is mainly given to those patients who suffer from baldness and complain of pain in head usually at the right side along with hair loss.
    • Calcarea phosphoric – it used to treat the cases of hair loss in anemic patients.
    • Calcrea carbonica – it is a great homeopathic remedy for alopecia. It can be prescribed to patients in whom the hair is lost in well defined patches
    • Cinchona officinalis – it can be given to those patients in whom hair loss is accompanied with anemia.
    • Lycopodium clavatum – it is an excellent medicine used to treat baldness cases occurring prematurely.