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    Sacred Sex

    In very short  –  Sex which is based on love and which requires nothing to hide or do with money or favor and is with consent between two people of compatible age which is more than age of consent is sacred sex.

    Male and female is natural expression of existence. The two forms complements and attracts each other. There are various forms of this attraction – friendship, relationship, love and sex too. The union and the completeness of sex are as natural and sacred as is love. But to attain this completeness, one must understand sex beyond the game of pleasure of senses.

    Sex has unique space and place. It naturally forms significant aspect of human existence. It can affect:

    • The very existence
    • Self identity
    • Gender identity
    • Ability to love
    • Ability to form intimate relationship
    • Ability of procreation
    • Self discipline
    • Respect for human values
    • Spiritual awakening

    Sex is not erotic exercise. It is like nuclear energy. It can devastate like nuclear bomb or create nuclear energy for development. The real essence of sex is union.  The union of natural energy in male and female occurs to nurture each other and possibly invite third energy as child. The state of energy completeness and harmony this union creates has tremendous beneficial impact on both. This has been proved through research that good sex leads to many mental and physical benefits.

    Sex results in comprehensive activation of mind. Both male and female reach the state of heightened consciousness, a sort of deep meditative state. This is the reason sex involves union of bodies, mind, heart and soul. It creates harmony in self and in relationship. The two get into sync. Both male and female attains more completeness and energized to move higher.Once attained, one can use these energies for higher purpose like creativity, knowledge and welfare. This is the path to convert sexual energy into creation. Sex can thus form a link of harmony between spiritual and material world.And this leads to internal contentment, better discipline, higher consciousness and freedom from desires which is not seen in lust based sex. This is the state of Nirvana.