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    Types Of Back Pain

    Different Kinds of Back Pain

    Back pains are a common problem in today’s world. Every other person you meet is either having a back-ache or having a back adjustment. This certain kind of problem is not limited to certain age groups or working class. It is a whole wide common issue that has made lives quite miserable. As we talk further about the age groups; it includes senior citizens, athletes and even toddlers or little children.

    There can be anyone with a back-ache with totally other reason such as being overweight, inappropriately lifting or bending, stressed, surgery or bad injury in the past. One can simply pull up a muscle or a string that can cause them a lifespan of back-ache related problems.

    The duration of back pains can be acute, sub-acute and chronic:

    • Acute back pain- It is a severe pain that develops suddenly and goes away within a few weeks.
    • Sub-acute back pain- It can last up to 3 months.
    • Chronic back pain- It lasts more than 3 months and is also said to be a lifelong issue.

    Following are some of the most identified back pain causes-

    • Slipped Disk– This is also known as a herniated disk. In this situation, the disks that are there in the human spine to provide space bulges out and intervenes the nerves that are beside the spines, causing back pain. The slipped disk can further cause more additional problems such as Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica.
    • Back strain- This is an injury of muscles and ligaments in the back. It is a strain that happens in the ligaments and muscles of the back and causes pain. It can also trigger muscle spasms as the pain from the back moves to buttocks and sometimes even the legs.
    • Arthritis- chronic back pain is often a result of Arthritis. This can affect any joint in the body and includes the human spine as well. This also causes more fatigue and tear in other joints of the body as well. Due to this, the spinal disks present in the spine gets dry and become stiff. These situations can rise into a spinal fracture or Spondylosis.
    • Osteoporosis- This is a situation where the body doesn’t make new bone, and the old bones are heavily consumed by it. The constant work pressure, stress and physical movement causes a huge tear in the old bones which are unable to be healed or replaced by the new bones. The bone gets weaker and fragile due to the lack of minerals and vitamins and gets fractured or broken even without any fall or injury.
    • Stress fractures- A common problem among the athletes is stress fractures. Gymnasts, footballers, weight-lifters struggle with such fractures on a daily basis. Due to a comprehensive workout or rigorous practice, they develop these back pains in the spinal cord, which doesn’t even notice for a week or two. Certain exercises and physiotherapy take it away, but in most cases, it becomes a nagging back pain.