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    Physiotherapy Of Back Pain

    How Can Physical Therapy Help In Treating Back Pain?

    Most of the patients who suffer from low back pain are recommend physical therapy treatment before they consider any other method that’s aggressive. It’s true that physical therapy treatment takes time to heal the pain completely. However, it is also true that it is a very healthy and recommended way of treatment as compared to over the counter medications.

    Basically, there are two common forms of physical therapy:

    1. Active Physical Therapy: This is the focus in the treatment of back pain. It includes stretching and specific exercises. These exercises treat low back pain very effectively only if the patient is consistent and performs them correctly.
    2. Passive Physical Therapy: This part of the physical therapy program includes modalities like things done to the patients. It could be anything as simple as ice packs and heat application or something as intense as electrical stimulation.

    With these forms of physical therapy, the doctor prescribes exercises to the patient. Now, these exercises differ from patient to patient, depending on the cause and severity of pain. However, the classification of exercises for back pain still remains the same.

    Here are the types of exercises that doctors recommend to the patients:

    •   Core Strengthening Exercises: Low back pain patients are recommended to work their core. This category includes exercises that focus on strengthening core muscles of the abdomen, low back, hips and legs. It includes sit-ups, leg raises, crunches and abdominal machines.
    •   Dynamic Stabilization Exercises: Dynamic stabilization exercises include various exercises that focus on strengthening the secondary muscles of the spine. It makes your spine strong and supports it through various motion ranges. These exercises may also include the use of props and machines like balancing machines and exercise balls for effective treatment.
    • Stretching: Active exercises can actually work for opposite results if not accompanied by proper stretching. It improves circulation in the muscles and prepares the body for exercises. In fact, patients should follow a stretching routine. If considered generally, stretching of abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, legs and hips are best for patients of back pain.

    Things to keep in mind

    Apart from the physiotherapy treatment, you need to follow certain things to treat back pain quickly. Also, if it’s already treated, this will help you avoid the pain to return.

    • If you suffer from back pain very often, try not to carry heavy bags, briefcases, purses, suitcases, laptop bags, etc.
    • Focus on and strengthen the muscles around your back and abdomen. These are your core muscles, and you need to strengthen them to avoid back pain.
    • Poor posture stresses your spine, which, ultimately, leads to back pain. So, start sitting upright and roll your rounded shoulders back every time you see yourself into a bad posture.
    • Ladies, avoid wearing heels. Keep it flat and keep it comfortable as much as possible.
    • Stretching is very important. You can’t put yourself into high impact workout without stretching your muscles.