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    Groin Pull – What Are The Symptoms And Treatment For This Injury?

    Groin Pull – What Are The Symptoms And Treatment For This Injury?

    Jumping and running are almost the regular activities of most of the sportsmen. However, sudden jumping and different other movements can cause a type of injury, known as a groin pull. Especially, hockey and football players have a chance of this injury due to the stress on your thigh and groin muscles. While the muscles feel tensed, they turn to be torn or over-stretched.

    How do you know that you have groin pull?

    We have listed the symptoms, indicating the groin strain-

    · Tenderness and painful feeling in your thigh and groin

    · An aching sensation while raising the knees and bringing the legs together

    · The injury causing a popping sound and intense pain

    · Bruising

    · Weakness to your upper legs

    Groin strains may not result in anything serious. Still, the severe ones take a longer time for the ultimate recovery.

    Factors, triggering the groin pull

    We have already said that sports are significant factors, causing the groin strain. However, there may be different other reasons behind this injury.

    · Lifting very weighty objects

    · Falling

    · Resistance training and various other workouts

    How physicians diagnose your injury?

    For diagnosing groin strain, the physician will ask you question on how you have this injury. He will also ask whether you had this type of problem in the past. For a physical assessment, the physician tests your legs’ motion and stretches the adductor muscles. You need to make out whether you are feeling pain from the stretches. Your pain enables the physician to detect the location of your injury and its seriousness.

    Some clinicians may determine the problem with MRIs and X-rays.

    Based on the level of severity, groin strain is of three categories.

    • First category– The torn and overstretched muscles can result in this groin pull. It can damage 5% of your muscle fibers. Thus, you may feel issue while jumping, stretching and running.
    • Second category– Your muscle fibers can have a dangerous level of damage. That is why you will feel difficult at the time of walking.
    • Third category– This groin pull affects all your tendons and muscles. You can feel severe pain from it.

    Is there any treatment for recovering groin strain?

    Usually, the natural healing process helps in recovering it. You must take rest to heal the injury. Still, for the faster recovery, we have given you a few tips.

    · Apply ice on your thighs for 20 minutes after every 3 hours. You need to continue for 4 days for reducing the pain.

    · Use tape for compressing the thigh

    · Take some anti-inflammatory medications – For instance, ibuprofen helps with your pain management.

    For healing the tissues, the therapists would also assist you in various other ways

    • Electrotherapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Stretching movements

    In some cases, the third category grain pull may need surgical treatment for repairing the muscle fibers. Its recovery time may be longer than 4 months.

    One of the best preventive steps for groin pull is to train yourself properly. This will help you to play sports safely without any injury.