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Message of Secret of Good Holistic Health

Message from the Director – The  Secret  of  Good  Health

Who wants to be sick –  Nobody.  But sickness is part of every human being’s life. On one hand medical science is making rapid advancement. Today there is better understanding of health and sickness. But on the other hand good health is still eluding masses. And the people seen in hospitals and clinics are only small part of those who are not healthy. Even if you are not diagnosed SICK, ask yourself – Am I Healthy. Then ask yourself – Do I have the energy to live my day with zest n zeal. Do I sleep well? Do I have inner harmony and happiness? Do I digest my food well? Can I use by body efficiently. Is my health affecting my daily life? Is my health affecting me financially, socially or professionally? This will tell you are healthy or not. Most of the people feel they are sick either when there is visible suffering or when investigations tell you that something is wrong. This is not true. Sickness starts much before but we discover it when a lot of damage has already been done. The common pattern of living is to ‘enjoy’ life till body tolerates all insults put on it, then dispose off early discomfort (disease) by taking pills. When increasing quantity of medicines does not help then one starts looking for way out but by then much of damage has occurred.

It is unfortunate that even in today’s age of information people are falling sick when they can easily live healthy. Yes Easily. But How ??

  • Priority : The main reason behind being sick is that we do not give health a priority. We put time and effort for everything in life but we look towards health only when it starts giving pain. Giving it priority should be part of every family culture.
  • Choices : Second reason is the choices we make. Ask any one, he or she will say that health is important but look at his or her life it will be full of things which spoils health. Life gives us opportunity to choose but choices mostly are unhealthy. To smoke or not, healthy diet or junk food, to exercise or not is your choice.
  • Information : Third reason is being poor in information. It can be lack of information or wrong information. Information can be about general health promoting measures or it could be specific disease preventing which you may be prone to genetically or because of environmental conditions. Wrong knowledge is even worse than lack of knowledge. Now media is full of health related information but unfortunately this creates more confusion than wisdom. One needs to be well informed and than make judicious choices to gain good health.
  • Prejudice : There is one significant but little known reason is prejudice. People have rigid views about treatment options. For some allopathy / conventional medicine is the only treatment option whereas there are so many other options which have proved very useful in relieving suffering and improving health.
  • Doctors : It is unfortunate that some times it is the doctor who is responsible for poor health. Over commercialization of medical practice, prejudice, keeping self interest higher than welfare of patient, lack of up to date knowledge, relying too much on medicine and not educating patient about health promoting measures are few reasons. Doctors of different therapies must leave their ego & selfish interest and coordinate with each other to give best possible relief to all.
  • Lifestyle :  Now it is well established that poor lifestyle is responsible for poor health and many diseases. A large number of people suffer from poor lifestyle and try to find relief in medicine but in vain. These complaints best respond to healthy lifestyle. Have an organized life and see the benefits yourself. Life (and health) requires good management for giving good results.
  • Exercise – Both mental and physical health require daily exercise. It could be walk, yoga, swimming, aerobics or any other. But unfortunately most people lack time or motivation for it. You can easily incorporate exercise in your daily schedule where you spend twenty minutes to half an hour and in return get good health and efficient mind & body. It is a small investment for loads of happiness.
  • Nutrition – Blame it on tongue temptation. Even educated people fall pray to it. It is not necessary to leave snacks or stop going to parties. What is required is to have fine balance of taste satisfaction and essential nutrition. Drinking plenty of water, having a balanced diet with plenty of milk products, fruits & vegetables, being selective according to own constitution, avoiding smoking / alcohol and excess of tea coffee sugar & fats makes healthy body & healthy mind.
  • Stress– Although some of it helps in growth & motivation but if it persist without resolution, it can harm both physical and mental health. It is not too difficult to handle. All is required is to adopt stress coping skills which you can design yourself or take help of counselor / psychologist.
  • Yoga & Meditation – The world now recognizes the greatness of yoga & meditation both in physical and mental health. Make it part of your life. Thirty minutes of yoga, pranayama and meditation a day can keep you healthy and will save you from many deadly diseases.
  • Homeopathy – Homeopathy is well known for its safe treatment but unfortunately its benefits are not fully understood yet. It is not only most safe medicinal treatment but also it is highly effective both in acute and chronic diseases as well as in psychiatric disorders. It does not contradict allopathic treatment. The constitutional treatment of homeopathy does not suppress disease but improves immunity & physiological functions. It is even capable of delaying and preventing diseases with genetic predisposition. Only thing you have to remember that since it goes into details of health, there are questions related to mental and physical health which are crucial for correct medicine. Sometimes results are missing because of lack of complete information. And save yourself from quacks who uses multiple medicines because then it too suppresses disease.

Health is invaluable gift of life. Your entire life and your happiness depend on good health.  Secret of good health is avoiding the extremes of being casual towards health and being too anxious about health. It is the balance of approach by giving health its due priority, being well informed, putting sincere efforts and using the available options judiciously will help you enjoy your life in good health and vigor.

May God Bless all with Good Health and Happiness !!!

Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma.