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    Improving chances of conception

    Improving chances of conception – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    For some couples, getting pregnant is quick and easy. For others, things are not as easy. The journey through pregnancy and raising a child is indeed an exciting time for you and your partner. In fact, 25% of couples have problems conceiving. There are many things you can do right now to double your chances of conceiving.

    • Know the cycle – one of the most important steps is to monitor for when you are most fertile. Monitoring your basal body temperature will help you to determine exactly when you are ovulating. Your basal body temperature will increase when you are ready to release an egg. It is important to have sexual intercourse just before an egg is released.
    • Positioning yourself – the missionary position (man on top) provides the best opportunity for getting pregnant. This position allows for the deepest penetration which deposits sperm closer to the cervix.
    • Have sex regularly – Regular sexual intercourse is important when attempting conception. Having sex every two or three days refreshes semen, resulting in better sperm quality.
    • Quit Smoking, Drinking and Drugs – smoking can affect your fertility and lower your partner’s sperm count. Drugs can lead to miscarriages, premature birth, and low-birth weight babies.
    • Reduce stress – Try stress management techniques, such as yoga and meditation, which can also help in getting pregnant.
    • Improve your diet – Eat plenty of protein, drink around two litres of water daily and avoid Caffeine. Eat vegetables, fruits and nuts rather than chocolate and crisps.
    • Increase the Odds – Make your vaginal environment as sperm-friendly as possible. Avoid vaginal sprays and scented tampons, artificial lubricants, and douching.
    • Weight Control – Being underweight or overweight can delay the time it takes a woman to conceive. Keeping a healthy weight can help with conception.
    • Get enough exercise – Exercise helps to burn off this excess body fat, allowing hormone levels to return to normal. Try low impact aerobic workouts like walking, swimming, and cycling.