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    Signs and Symptoms of Depression

    Signs and Symptoms of Depression

    At times, life is challenging, which is just phase, and this comes in every individual’s life. But most of the individuals do not understand that they are suffering from depression until the mental condition is poorly affected. Experts always mention that one must be aware of the signs and symptoms linked to depression. This will help one to proceed with the timely diagnosis of the condition. The medical specialist can go ahead with the treatment of the same. Following are the commonly observed signs and symptoms of depression.

    • Sleeping troubles: An individual who is affected with depression usually faces problems with regular sleep. The sleep patterns of concerned individuals are affected negatively. Some individuals face problems like insomnia, while others cannot get rid themselves of long sleeping hours. This has an adverse effect on the overall health of the individual.
    • Losing interest in activities: Usually most of the individuals have some hobbies which they perform when they are free or stressed out of their work. When a person is in the initial phases of depression, then their interest in the respective hobbies get reduced over time. This impacts mental health and overall health as well. If this is happening with someone, then this is a symptom of depression which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
    • Change in attitude: Individuals who are suffering from depression often have pessimistic thinking and approach towards life. The thinking patterns also drastically change from positive to negative, which reflects in the personality of the individual. When depression comes in, an individual personality and behavior has negativity associated with it.
    • Change in appetite: Along with evident changes in the sleep patterns, there is also a change in the eating habits and patterns as well. Most of the individuals suffering from depression do not find this as a symptom, but when increase or loss of appetite is seen along with other symptoms mentioned above, then it is a sign and symptom of depression.
    • Sudden increase in energy: If an individual is energetic in his life, then it is a good point. But then a sudden rise in the energy levels of an individual is a danger sign in many cases. Often individuals who are affected with depression feel and act like they have a spike in their energy levels. This can lead to the respective individual to take a severe step and end up his life.
    • Persistent physical symptoms: There is sudden unexplained loss or gain of weight, which is evident when an individual is being recognized with depression. One of the most common symptoms is that the individual faces tiredness all the time. There is also increased sick time, which impacts the overall health of the individual.

    This in-detailed checklist signs and symptoms will help you in finding out if you are in the initial stages of depression. One must consult a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating depression-like conditions. It is crucial to keep a check on both mental and physical health status for a healthy and peaceful living.