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    Manage Your Emotions

    The state of anger or sadness (not depression) and other emotions that one feels is understandable. Life always presents us with some circumstances which we are unable to solve. These remain in subconscious mind. Since we do not like them and find it difficult to solve or re do we go into state of anger or sadness. Everyday small things that makes you angry or sad are just igniting factors (or reminders) of our inner emotional state which gets flared up.

    To be able to achieve sustained calmness and happiness, it is important to understand basic principle of life and set your inner philosophy accordingly. Life is a strange combination of destiny and deeds. How well we understand and manage this interplay of destiny and deeds results in our happiness and success. Circumstances are neither good nor bad. They become good or bad by how we relate to them and manage them.

    Those successful and happy do following things:

    •  They do not allow destiny / difficult circumstances to overwhelm them. They understand and accept the facts but do not feel ‘unfortunate’. Because if you start feeling unfortunate, you get demotivated and feel helpless which you are not. This is the real cause of inner sadness.
    • They are not problem oriented but remain solution oriented. When you remain focused on problem / difficult circumstance and not carefully think of solution, you feel angry. Calm and happy people always try to understand root cause of problem and find out simple n practical solutions to them. This gives them confidence.
    • They plan well and have well defined goals. They are more organized. They have clear cut priorities and divide their time / energy / resources according to these priorities. This helps in relaxed state of mind.
    • They are progressive. They remain charged up and focused on how to improve as human being. How to improve self skills. This gives them motivation n energy to bear difficult times and keep growing.
    • They have strong support system. Relations (family / friends), your academic / vocational pursuit, your hobbies etc are anchors which help you to sustain in difficult times and gives a positive identity. One must carefully nurture these to become asset.
    • They believe in themselves. It is a scientific fact that all are given tremendous potential by nature. Those who believe in themselves and work to improve self are always successful and happy.
    • They remain positive n hopeful. John F Kennedy once said that if you write Crisis in Chinese it denotes danger as well as opportunity. Happy people always see opportunity in crisis.
    •  They have strong faith on God. They do not take difficult circumstances as curse but accept them as God’s Wish and acknowledge their divine duty to fight with difficult circumstances and remain positive.

    So life is full of plus and minus. We must have faith in God, believe in our self, remain focused on positive, organize our life well, and make intelligent efforts to improve our self and conditions around us. Remember you are happy or not depends on how intelligently you are understanding and acting. Always demand intelligence from yourself. Try not to remain anchored in past / difficult circumstances. Develop self skills to remain independent and happy.