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    Family is important for happiness

    It is very important to safeguard healthy family system. It is the axis of safe society as it helps in giving a sense of belongingness. This results in reduction in crimes and anarchy. There are basic needs of every human being. Family gives a unique opportunity for people of all age groups and both male & female gender to live together in harmony and have all kinds of satisfaction – physical, mental, social etc. But merely getting married, having kids does not make a good family. We have seen how unhealthy family can make our lives miserable. Therefore it is very important to understand and learn – How to create a happy family. A source of lifelong happiness.

    Benefits of marriage 

    People in a married life live a happier and more satisfying life. They

    • Feels in a more satisfying relationship
    • Feels emotionally healthier
    • Enjoy wealth more
    • Less likely to commit or suffer from sexual assault or other crimes
    • Less likely to attempt or commit suicide
    • Low risk of drug and alcohol abuse
    • Low risk of STDs
    • Less risk of poverty
    • Better social relationships
    • Physically healthier
    • Feels completeness of life
    • Live longer
    • Physically healthier
    • Increase in the stability of employment, more success
    • More satisfying sexual relationship.
    • Less likely to contract STDs
    • Better Earning less expenditure due to sharing, better Investment

    Your family is your treasure

    Your family is your treasure as it gives you everything to live:

    •  Safe and warm entry to this wonderful world
    • Childhood nurture
    • Give and get love and care
    • Sense of identity and belongingness
    • Safety and security
    • Guideline to live a successful life
    • Mission and purpose to live
    • Someone to share joy and sorrow
    • Source of inspiration
    • Strength and support
    • Check from making mistakes
    • Self growth
    • Forum to learn life skills
    • Happiness
    • Respect in society
    • Social harmony
    • Contentment
    • Graceful existence
    • Fulfillment of needs
    • Safe and graceful exit from the world
    • Let us nurture our family.

    This is the path of our happiness and peace in society.

    Benefits of Healthy Family

    A healthy and happy family is helpful by :

    • Learning constructive use of emotions and feeling
    • Free expression and acceptance of emotions and feelings
    • Proper communication within family and in society
    •  Development of uniqueness of every individual
    • Provides environment of trust and safety
    • Learn to develop and respect privacy
    • Develop healthy spiritual beliefs and values
    • Learn judicious decision making and risk-taking
    • Develop and enjoy family’s strengths
    • Learn to respect each other
    • Learn to respect environment
    • Learn to be sensitive to others
    • Learn to value culture, history and tradition
    • Learn to change and grow
    • Learn to be humorous and cheerful
    • Learn to serve others
    • Develop intellectual abilities
    • Learn to be healthy
    • Develop morals for a healthy life and healthy society
    • Develop logical, responsible and effective thinking and behavior patters
    • Learn healthy competition
    • Learn the art of intimacy
    • Learn conflict & problem solving and disaster management
    • Learn to help others and seek help
    • Learn and develop ability to learn
    • Learn to be responsible
    • Learn to be aware and informed
    • Learn to accept mistakes
    • Learn to make polite complaints
    • Learn to work in a group
    • Learn to manage disappointments and grief
    • Learn to manage resources and compromise