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    Bliss of Being


    The bliss of being is the state of existence, the unhindered unjudged uncompared consciousness of self based on which we feel what we are.

    It is the Universal phenomenon. All are in a state of being and this all include so called living and non living beings. Said ‘so called’ the ultimate truth is unknown. Think about a stone – is it living or non living. Stone can be converted into energy and energy is life. So all are in a different state of being, different state of consciousness and therefore have a feeling of different identity. This different identity could be in the form of living/non living, animal/plant, creature/man, man/ woman, child/old, short/tall, beautiful/ugly, idiot/intelligent, successful / failure, english / african, christian / muslim, conservative / progressive, wild / civilized, sober / rogue, sick / healthy, poor / rich and so on the list of division is endless. That’s how all beings get a unique identity, the unique individuality that is I. And see how this I is reflected in all day conversation and thoughts in the form of ‘I am ………’

    This ‘I’ is the state of consciousness. It is dynamic, functional and progressive. It has both material and non material component. The material component is referred to as – My Body along with its sensations and functions. The non material component of ‘I’ is referred to as Mind which is expressed as – I Think, I Feel, I Love etc. Other aspects related to ‘I’ like My Money, My House, My Wife, My Job, My World have both material and non material consciousness. For example the material aspect of my money is the amount I can count in my bank account or assess wealth of my property. The non material aspect of ‘I’ is my assessment of this money, what it means to me and the security or satisfaction I get from this money & wealth. Every moment of life is an opportunity to grow in this consciousness. The higher purpose of living is to grow in consciousness to a state of supreme consciousness (also called Nirvana) which is state of absolute oneness, total freedom and no distortion. There one has the choice to remain in dual consciousness or submerge self consciousness into supreme consciousness and thus achieve Moksha. Spirituality is nothing else but better understanding of self & life and realization of truth. This truth, which is always there and is there for everybody can be realized by one of the three ways – Jnana Yoga (Path of becoming aware & understanding), Karma Yoga ( Path of rightful deeds) or Bhakti Yoga (Path of love & devotion). Rest all said ways fall in one of these paths.

    How this ‘I’ that is the state of being is created or evolved. Is this the result of uncontrolled destiny or chance Or if all beings are free to evolve their own identity. And why at all this being is there. Are we slaves of life to live even though we may not like to Or we have a choice. Is being a one time affair or we live again and again. Are these states changeable and is there a permanent state of being. Is there a purpose of being Or we are just there. If there is, then what it is? Is the present state real I or there is other I. What is the truth of being and life? What is the truth of pain and pleasure?

    Who will answer these questions, who will give the ultimate truth and how do we know that this is the real truth, who will teach whom as there is subjectivity in both teaching and learning. We all have very limited experience and understanding. And this is true with even greatest of saints and wise men. Once a man asked Gautam Buddha what is truth. Buddha’s reply was – It is raining over the mountain. That man could not understand and went away. Later one of Gautam’s pupil asked about the meaning of reply. Buddha said – rain is to be seen or felt similarly truth is to be either seen around what is going on in life or it is to be felt by living experiences but ultimately it is to be realized by the person himself or herself. Self realization is realization of truth.

    Bliss of being is understanding and realization of consciousness and being through free expression. This is your own space your own place. A place to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences i.e. share your consciousness of being which only you know and understand. It is the place of uninhibited free expression of self without being judged or compared. It is the place of acceptance, oneness, wholeness where all beings inspite of unique identity and individuality come together, enhance understanding of being by seeing and feeling things and events from different perspective and different point of view. This in turn will result in consciousness of whole without losing personal identity.

    Self Concept / Awareness Stages

    Intrauterine – Initiation of Identity

    Infant           –       Dependent Stage

    1-5  Years    –       Learning of Self Dependence

    5-12  Years  –       Consolidation Phase

    12-19 Years  –      Transition Phase

    • onwards –     Adult / Independent Stage

    Late Age        –     Decline Stage

    Components of Self Realization  and Self Actualization

    1. Spiritual Consciousness
    2. Health (Mind  and Body)
    3. Social, Family & Friends
    4. Philosophy and Humanism
    5. Education and Vocation
    6. Personality Development
    7. Life management

    The consciousness of undistorted reality and whole will result in realization of self and ultimate truth. This supreme consciousness is the enlightenment of the permanent state of bliss, the bliss of being.