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Why Us

Because we are dedicated and committed to your health, happiness and wellness.

Individual Attention – At Ethos sufficient time is given to all patients. Our focus is on you, a human being and your ailments. We listen to you patiently, understand your complaints and suffering and give due attention to you throughout your treatment.

Professional Approach – We are against malpractices and over commercialization of medical services. We strive to provide service in a professional manner. No glamour, no false claims, only true scientific treatment.

Safe and Effective Treatment – At Ethos we help you in choosing the appropriate treatment option. The therapies used at Ethos are all safe, holistic, natural and highly effective.

Positive Health – Treatment of disease is first priority but at Ethos we go beyond that. We work towards positive health by cutting down negative and disease producing factors from life and at the same time enhancing health promoting factors. This helps in better relief from present disease and reduces possibility of future sickness. We offer unique preventive treatment to prevent occurrence of diseases and having robust physical and mental health.

Health and Harmony – Our mission is Health Harmony and Happiness for all. It means integrated healthy body, sound mind and happy relationships.

We still believe that medical profession is a noble profession and it must remain so.

Therefore our main testimonials are:

  • Long years of hard work in education and training
  • Confidence due to successful experience
  • Respect for your privacy and dignity
  • Commitment to medical profession, its ethics and service to patients
  • Individual attention and care to every patient
  • Perseverance in professionalism
  • Faith in honesty and sincerity as the best policy for ever