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    Destiny Management

     Change Your Destiny

    Is destiny fixed or one can change it ??

    It is not easy to change destiny. Everyone has a unique cosmic existence which determines the destiny. Destiny is the comprehensive collection of circumstances, incidents and characteristics one has from birth to death. It refers to what happens to one through the course of life. It is composite whole of one’s existence & events, gains & losses, success & failure, happiness & sadness. It is both material and abstract. It is unique for everyone and is said to be decided by and based on Law of Karma. According to some what one does in past lives lays the foundation of present birth destiny. That’s why we all differ from each other in all aspects and goes through certain experiences of happiness and sadness decided by our unique destiny. We differ physically, socially, financially, spiritually, in experiencing incidents & circumstances etc. But there is one thing that people are not aware of. Destiny is indeed made by past deeds but in addition it is also decided (or changed) by present karma. This removes the confusion that usually arises that if destiny is fixed than why to do any work (karma). By doing work (karma) you are not only making future destiny but also you CAN change present destiny significantly to improve overall quality of life.

    It is true you may not be able to change destiny entirely because cosmic influence is too powerful but you can still change it to a large extent. We call it Destiny Management. It depends on:

    • Correct analysis of your unique condition and cosmic influence
    • Correct and unique solutions in all aspects from spiritual to material
    •  Your sincere and positive approach which is free from prejudice from one extreme and blind faith to other extreme.

    This is like treatment of disease. It requires correct diagnosis, correct treatment along with correct do’s & don’ts about thoughts, actions, life & lifestyle.