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    Sugar or sweet addiction

    Sugar or sweet addiction – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

    Sugar addiction refers to a situation wherein a person finds it very difficult to give up consuming sweets. The causes of this can vary widely, but chief among them are hormonal imbalances of insulin and serotonin, unhealthy dieting, adrenal fatigue, eating disorders, and even premenstrual syndrome.

    Disadvantages of eating excess sugar

    Eating excess sugar can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, and blood-sugar spikes, followed by sugar withdrawal – sharp declines, a pattern that exacerbates irritability, anxiety and lightheadedness. Even worse, eating too much sugar causes insulin resistance, which leads directly to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Most sugary food is high in saturated fat as well.

    How to stop sugar cravings
    Sugar is carbohydrate. It is a quick source of serotonin which is known to be a ‘feel good’ chemical messenger of body. When it comes to the question how to stop craving sugar, it is strongly recommended to follow a healthy diet full of nutrients and devoid of sugar.

    • Increase your protein and fat intake
    • Replace sweets and sugar with fruits. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than normal table sugar or sugar in candy and processed foods
    • Get rid of the cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc.
    • Eat a small piece of 70% dark chocolate instead of a candy bar.
    • Avoid artificial sweeteners
    • You are required to control the high carbohydrate temptations like bread, chips, crackers, croutons etc
    • Add a multivitamin/mineral supplement because nutrients such as chromium, magnesium and vitamin [B.sub.6] help stabilize blood sugar levels.
    • Try to avoid sitting alone and thinking about your cravings.
    • Being aware of sugar content can help you avoid high-sugar foods and kick the addiction.
    • Have small, frequent meals to help keep your blood sugar level stable. Avoid skipping meals.