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    Everyone is spiritual by default


    In our day to day discussion, people talk about being spiritual and non spiritual.

    Usually those people are considered as spiritual who are:

    – God fearing (or God loving)
    – Who perform religious rituals
    – Who go to places of worships

    And non spiritual / materialistic people are:

    – Those who do not care much about God talk
    – Those who run after pleasures of life
    – Those who accumulate assets

    Sometimes spiritual and non spiritual also used to differentiate right minded & wrong minded persons respectively.

    But in reality everyone is spiritual by default. No one is out of realm of nature and nature is self governed by single universal energy system called by various names like Supreme Consciousness or God.

    Now since everyone is spiritual being part of nature, all that can happen is that the individuals may be in harmony with this supreme consciousness i.e. God or in conflict.

    Harmony is identity of Yog (Union) and this is order. In this one identifies with whole and then lives a life accordingly. Whereas conflict is disorder where one see oneself as separate being and lives a life of self centered selfishness.

    Result – In first one lives in peace with cooperation with others. In second one is always at war to win so unhappiness for self and others.

    It is up to you, which way you wish to move on.