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    The Immune System And How It Works

    The Immune System And How It Works

    Our Immune System is made up of

    – Organs

    – Cells

    – Chemicals

    It has a fascinating way of defending our body just like Defense Forces protecting a nation.  They need soldiers, the setup, infrastructure, weapons, intelligence and a system. Similarly our immune system has all these. It keeps record or memory of all ‘enemies’ for future attacks.

    The Components

    • antibodies – they identify and mark the invading disease causing microbes
    • white blood cells – made in bone marrow they attack foreign invaders such as bacteria and virus
    • complement system – made up of proteins they have series of action that results in destruction of invading disease causing microbe
    • lymphatic system – made up of lymph nodes and vessels, they provide site and network that helps in action on and draining away disease causing microbes
    • spleen – a filtering organ that removes disease causing microbes and their products. Also produces components of immune system
    • thymus –  A filtering as well as component producing organ
    • bone marrow – spongy tissue inside bones that produces red blood cells white blood cells and platelets.
    • others – skin, lung, digestive tract and body fluids like saliva tears etc also take part in immunity

    The Response

    On invasion by disease producing microbe our immune system gets into action. It identifies and start action to destroy the microbe. It also keep memory of this for future quick and better response. We may have inflammation with or without fever during this action of our immune system.