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    What Causes Back Pain

    Know The Reasons Behind Your Back Pain

    What Causes Back Pain – Have you ever experienced really bad back pain? Getting up in the morning & suddenly you realize you can’t sit straight or bend over because there is bad back pain! You are most likely to get a back pain once in your life & that too irrespective of your age. Having a back pain not only ruins your everyday work but also becomes the reason behind your absence from work or other important work. Now you must be what must be the causes behind getting this nasty back pain. Well, here are some reasons behind why you get back pain.


    First, you must know what is a strain? When due to over stretching or other strenuous activity, a muscle fiber gets torn then it’s known as Strain. Now there can be many reasons by which you can get a strain. Some of them are

    1. Sudden lifting of heavy things – even if we are used to picking up pf heavy things. Still, there are times when immediate lifting of those heavy things might lead to the tearing of muscles, i.e. strain.
    2. Sports – now there are many sports that require physical strength, such as weight lifting, kabaddi, rugby etc. In such sports, there are high chances that the players might get a strain if they are not careful enough.
    3. Sudden movements – sometimes making sudden or abrupt movements can also cause one to get strain. The sudden movement sometimes creates pressure on the muscle, resulting it to get torn.

    Structural problems

    Sometimes having some structural problems can also be the cause for your back pain. Some of them are;

    1. Arthritis – as you grow old, your bones start to degenerate, start losing their strength. In osteoarthritis of the spine, the cartilage of the joints & discs presents in the neck & the lower back portion collapse.
    2. Unnatural curving of the spine – scoliosis or the S shaping of the spinal cord can also cause immense pain for the patients. People who suffer from this particular ailment have severe back pain.
    3. Osteoporosis – not having the proper amount of calcium can be one the important factor leading to osteoporosis. In layman’s term Osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’. As they become porous & easily breakable, it too leads to back pain among people.
    4. Herniated disc – also known as the ruptured disc is a situation when the disc part is pushed out of the annulus creating unnecessary pressure on the nerve, thus resulting in back pain.

    Postural problems

    Now, these are one of the most crucial factors that lead to having back pain. 9 out of every 10 people have a bad posture. There can be many reasons that lead to a bad posture; sitting in front of the computer for hours in a bending position, unnecessary twisting of body parts, carrying something heavy on the back, sleeping in a bad posture. These are the reasons which not only contributes to having a bad posture but also severe back pain in many cases.