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    HIV AIDS: No More a Taboo

    HIV AIDS: No More a Taboo

    The society we are living in, is already dealing with a lot of issues. People have started talking about most of them, yet we don’t discuss many issues which needs attention. The lack of discussion on such topics creates serious problems. People have come out of their comfort zones to talk about various concerning topics like menstruation, LGBTQ and feminism. Yet one of the most important subjects is not getting much attention.

    We are talking about HIV aids. The major reason behind ignorance of this area is taboo attached to it. Many people believe that, it is against our culture to talk about sex and sexual health. Such mindset has already led to a lot of destruction. It will further destruct the young generation if not dealt properly.

    HIV aids are a very sensitive topic to talk about. There are already a lot of myths in our society regarding this. The clouds of doubts are clearing, yet we have a long way to go.

    Let’s know more about this important topic and delve deeper into understanding it.


    HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome. So, HIV is a virus whereas AIDS is a syndrome. Initially the symptoms are very common. The patient might feel fatigue, sore throat, fever etc.

    Later, the condition keeps on deteriorating as the immune system of the patient keeps on depreciating. In latter stages there is a lot of weight loss, stomach related issues and oral problems as well.

    a. Myths

    Due to inadequate knowledge, people tend to hide their condition unless they are in a very bad situation. There are many reasons behind this, foremost being fear of being judged. There is perception in a lot of people that aids spread through sexual intercourse only.

    Rather than getting support, the patient goes through character-assassination. The family and friends in many cases boycott the patient. Reason behind this is the fear that they might fall prey to this dangerous condition if they contact the patient.

    We can remove these myths from the minds of the people only by proper counseling. Making them understand that it does not spread by talking to the person or handshaking is a good initiative.

    b. The truth

    The truth is highly contrary to the myth. There are many ways in which AIDS spread and unprotected sexual intercourse is just one of them. It can spread through body fluids like saliva or by using unclean needles used for injection. It can also spread from mother to baby.


    Being responsible citizen of the country, it is our duty to understand the depth of some situations. In the process of making our own choices and living our life, we must also be careful for our safety.

    Having multiple partners is one major cause of HIV AIDS. Unprotected intercourse with more than one person is a major concern. This creates a very unavoidable situation and you can blame no one but yourself.

    The safety lies in our own hands. Contraceptive should be a very normal thing to ask for. All that disgust and uncomfortable situation that one has to bear while buying it should change. The situation can be made better by running campaigns and creating awareness.

    Another very important thing to keep in mind is being alert. If there is any such moment where you feel that you should consult a doctor, you must. Don’t keep on pushing the situation and telling yourself that it’s all in your head. Sometimes, things that are in our head are true. If in any case, your report of HIV comes positive you should talk to your doctor and continue your treatment. Don’t let the internet fool you over such sensitive topics. Don’t believe everything that you read. No one knows more than your doctor.

    It is true that this condition is incurable, but it can be highly controlled if given proper treatment. Having faith in yourself and your doctor, you can overcome this phase too.


    Why it is that, sex is such an unwanted word in our society. We all know the consequences of the situation if our younger generation gets this word wrong. Yet we are not comfortable talking about it due to barriers that are very fragile.

    It is high time that we as an educated society come out of our cocoon. We must start talking about it to our children, younger siblings and friends. Having healthy conversation can help in improving the situation.

    Schools should give sex education to the teenagers and tell them about the consequences of having unprotected sex. Conduction of adetailed session about the hormonal changes and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) should take place in schools. This can help the young minds to have a foundation about the scenario. Further, it will help them make correct choices in future.

    Parents must also take the charge and talk about such topics to their children. They are the one who can give the best advice to their offspring. They can explain such subtle issues to their delicate minds in their own way making the children comfortable too.

    Role of the media

    Media should also take the charge to impart knowledge to the public. They have a lot of viewers. They can show contents which comes with messages. Message driven projects are made now-a-days but, not many films have been made about AIDS and other STDs. All of us should be more vocal about facts.

    It is also our responsibility to not spread information that is untrue. We must first enlighten ourselves and then others.

    We should give emotional support to the patients of HIV. With all the love and care that they receive they can come at a better spot. People should repeatedly remind themselves that showing love or talking to their loved ones will not make them a patient as well.

    With the help of education, campaign, awareness camps and discussions, we can surely tackle this situation and make a better tomorrow.