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      In the name of God


     What a sorry state. World is so successfully fooled in the name of God. World is full of temples, mosques, churches. There are discourses by preachers of every religion attended by masses and watched on TV by large population.  But what is the outcome. Religion has become a big business. Huge amount of money is donated to these religious place, to these preachers. Some social work is done but that is nothing compared to amount of money that goes to them. World is suffering from poverty, there is no food / water / medicine for huge population. But these so called religion places and people sit on such huge amount of money unaccounted. This is fraud in the name of God. Is this what religion or spirituality is all about. Ask yourself honestly.

    This must change. These so called religious places and people should get registered as NGO (Non Government Organization) and be properly accounted completely towards social welfare. Donation boxes must be sealed and opened in front of audit agency. Money and articles collected must be used for social welfare through reputed NGO’s.

    The preachers must know that they hold responsible place and must not say or do anything to divide society. God is one. Any thing said or done which can spread disharmony is definitely against God.

    The entire purpose of places of worship and of preachers is to promote sensible, meaningful spirituality among human beings to create sensible, wiser and better human beings and to create better humanity for a better world where all live in harmony. Unfortunately these places of worship and preachers have failed to do so. It is time that all human beings including preachers honestly do some introspection. We must try to become sensibly spiritual rather than madly religious. God does not get tempted by how many hours you have spent in prayers, how much you have blindly donated to such places, what all pilgrimage you have done. Do not try to fool God. All that is required is to have genuine love for God in your heart & soul and attitude of fairness & compassion for others.