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    Spiritual investment and spiritual opportunity


    People are wise to judge investment opportunity – stock market, gold, real estate and what not. We let go no opportunity. We even value ‘opportunity’ of good sex. Another opportunity we look for is to have something for free.

    But what about the most important opportunity – the spiritual investment opportunity ! Returns are big and fantastic.

    We either take this for granted or do not care at all. What a miss…..

    Understand the importance of human life. Realize the importance of spiritual investment opportunity. Do not waste this wonderful opportunity. It is not bad to have pleasures, earn money, eat good food or have good sex. But do not let all this spoil this wonderful spiritual investment opportunity. The real opportunity.

    There are different types of spiritual investments. One is to replace impulsive thoughts, feelings and acts of selfish nature with thoughts, feelings and acts of welfare of self and others. Second is to pray and surrender to supreme consciousness and meditate. Doing one’s duty sincerely is another type of spiritual investment. Benevolence is a well known type of spiritual investment.

    And the returns are plenty:

    – True happiness, calm and peaceful mind
    – Positive mindset
    – Positive energy system
    – A developed and powerful mind
    – Stronger innerself
    – Safeguard from mental and physical illness
    – Immunity from negative energy, negative happenings and negative people
    – Higher success, best of self potential, positive ‘luck’ and destiny
    – Realization of truth and self
    – Oneness or Yog with supreme consciousness or God

    If living a normal life, doing all that you normally do and having all the fun of life, you can still achieve all this by making day to day small spiritual investments then why to miss this wonderful opportunity.

    Start investing now………