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    History of sex

    Treatment History sex – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Sex is as old as life. It has had its own journey through development of civilization. Its importance in life has remained unchanged but it has seen changes in perception, values and attitude.

    The early life

    In the early life sex was not linked to family or children nor was it linked to relationship or romanticism. Sex was just sex. With the rise of civilizations sex got linked to relationships, family and procreation. With time sex started to find place in art and literature. Most civilizations had deities of sex like Kama in Hinduism, Eros the Greek god and others.

    The middle ages

    The middle ages saw sex fighting for its place in society.  Purity, piety and morality questions surrounded sex and sexuality. Sex was under restrictions and control for ‘normal’ women. Invasions and wars had its toll on sex too. On the other hand prostitution began to flourish.

    Sexual liberation

    With industrialization began the new age in sex too. Women began to play active part in all walks of life. Many feminist groups began to voice their demands and slowly society realized and accepted. Sex was now seen as natural need and sexual pleasure as just demand of both men and women.

    Modern times

    Sex today has seen a complete revolution. It is not only a necessity but as essential element of developed personality and self expression. Sex has found new place in people’s day to day life, in art, in media, in literature, in social events, in movies, in humor, in phones and so on. Another aspect of this sexual freedom is rise of sex industry, pornography and sex tourism. All this has led to formulations of laws which vary country to country.