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    All About Medical Ailments Like HT Diabetes

    All About Medical Ailments Like HT Diabetes

    Diabetes can be dangerous if it affects older people. Diabetes takes place if the blood sugar level is too high. The hormone insulin, which is present in our body helps the glucose to get into our cells to give us energy. However, when a person suffers from diabetes, the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to do the glucose transfer activity.

    Moreover, the portion of food that we are consuming daily, gets converted into glucose, which provides our cells with the required energy. Besides, if you are suffering from diabetes, then your body may not produce enough insulin that is needed to carry out this function. Hence, this is dangerous for us and can cause health problems.

    Types of diabetes

    People suffer from various kinds of diabetes

    ·        Type 1 diabetes. 

    In this diabetes, the body is not able to make insulin. Older adults, youngster or children also can have this type of diabetes, and then it continues till lifetime.

    ·        Type 2 diabetes. 

    The second type can be more problematic because, in this, the body does not produce or use insulin which is required for the proper functioning of the body. This is more prevalent type. If enough insulin is not created, then it can lead the glucose to stay in the blood, and it causes severe health problems. It affects your kidneys, eyes, heart and nerves.

    Generally, it happens mostly in middle-aged and older people, but children can be affected by this. Therefore, the chance of the Type 2 diabetes is higher if you suffer from overweight, inactive, or any of your family members have a history of diabetes.

    Diabetes is a severe disease which slowly affects our body parts. Hence, it is imperative to treat this on time. If it is not treated, then it can lead to various health problems and increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems, and nerve damages. Type 2 diabetes is dangerous; it can increase the risk of Alzheimer and cancer disease.

    ·        Gestational diabetes 

    Moreover, women can also suffer from diabetes during the time of pregnancy which is known as gestational diabetes. This happens due to the presence of placenta, an insulin-blocking hormone.

    Hypertension and Diabetes

    Hypertension is another significant involvement in the development and progression of microvascular and macrovascular complications in people with diabetes. Hypertension and diabetes have some common links. These are metabolic syndrome aspect. They have similar causes and risk factors which may worsen the condition in older people.

    In the U.S., 75% of the people who have diabetes also suffer from hypertension. The level of blood pressure is high in these people. According to a community-based study, it has been said only 28-36% of diabetic hypertension patients have their blood pressure under control (130\80 mmHg).

    Moreover, hypertension notably raises systolic blood pressure, and it is sometimes more challenging to control in diabetic patients. As we have seen earlier, how the glucose stays in the blood due to the presence of diabetes, and it affects the internal body parts like blood vessels and also kidneys. These organs are essential to maintain normal blood pressure. As these are damaged, this condition may raise the blood pressure level, which, in turn, can increase the risk of hypertension.

    Hence, you must go to the doctor for the check-up, and they can help you from fighting this disease.