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    Homeopathic treatment of addiction

    Homeopathic treatment of addiction – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Addiction is an obsessive, compulsive reaction to a stimulus. Everyone has a energetic life force that is contained in every cell of our body. To truly overcome addiction, this inner obsessive energy must be released from the body.

    Homeopathy is a holistic treatment that releases toxic energies which disturb thoughts, emotions and body functions. It uses the energy patterns of animals, plants and minerals to heal similar diseased energy patterns.

    Homeopathic medicines are prepared by diluting and energizing substances in purified water. With homeopathy, the practitioner uses minute amounts of the natural healing ingredient or remedy to heal the body. Because the remedy is so extremely diluted there is no risk of toxicity to the body. Rather than advising patients to take multiple medicines to cure a single disease, homeopathy focuses on just a single treatment. Thus you do not have to worry about building up toxic side effects from multiple medicines in your system.

    Homeopathic treatment is constitutional, or tailored, to specific needs. Some treatments a homeopath may prescribe include:

    • Absinthium
    • Arsenicum
    • Avena Sativa
    • Garcinia cambogia
    • Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)
    • Kali phos
    • Nux vomica

    The key to successful healing with homeopathy is selecting the most similar remedy at the lowest potency which maximizes healing, and then taking that remedy at appropriate times.  Though homeopathic remedies can be purchased over-the-counter, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a trained homeopath when deciding upon homeopathy to treat addiction or chronic mental, emotional or physical illness