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    Dislocation Of Joints: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment

    Dislocation Of Joints: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment

    A human body has 206 bones and a total of 360 joints. Joints are the place where two or more bones are attached. Due to sudden trauma or fall, one can get their joint dislocated. When someone dislocates their joint, the surrounding tendons, muscles, nerves, and ligaments get injured as well. Whether the joint is big or small, dislocation can happen anywhere.


    Some of the main symptoms for joint Dislocation is stated below.

    • One of the major symptoms of a dislocated joint is pain. A person whose joint is dislocated will have intense pain.
    • A person is likely to have difficulty moving their joint. This is due to the joints not being in the correct place and causing a lot of pain.
    • Dislocation of the joint can cause a person to lose their muscle strength.
    • Another symptom of joint Dislocation is bruised. The joint area is likely to turn red or cause bruises when dislocated.
    • The joint area is also likely to become stiff.


    The dislocation joint can be diagnosed with the following methods.

    • X-ray: The main diagnosis method for Dislocation of the joint is through x-ray. With the help of an x-ray, a clear picture can be found of the bones and whether there is any dislocation or other major injuries.
    • MRI: Some doctors suggest their patients get an MRI done before the treatment. The MRI shows if there is any soft tissue damage around the dislocated joint. This helps to treat the matter in a different way.

    Causes and Risk factors

    There are various reasons that can cause Dislocation of joints. One of the major causes is through accidents. Most of the people having Dislocation of the joint are for accidents such as bike accidents or falling down. It can also occur through sports such as hockey or football. Some of the risk factors for Dislocation of joints are:

    · Hereditary: there are many people who are born with loose ligaments. This can cause Dislocation of joints very easily.

    · Vehicle accidents: any sort of vehicle accidents can cause joint Dislocation. Hip dislocation is common for vehicle accidents.

    · Falling or sports injury: people who fall or plays any sports are prone to dislocated joints. Falling from a certain height can cause Dislocation of joint as well as while playing sports.

    There are several difficulties that can occur due to joint Dislocation. One can tear their ligaments or damage their blood vessels and nerves around the joint due to Dislocation. Another major complication arises with age. When we age, we tend to have arthritis in the affected area.


    Firstly, people need to take precautions so that this does not happen. And they also need to be extra careful that the affected area is not hurt again.

    · Reduction: The most common treatment is a reduction. Here the doctors manually try to get the bone back to its place. This can cause some pain and anesthesia is to be applied accordingly.

    · No movement: After getting the bone back in place, the doctors suggest the patient not to move much and give as much rest as possible.

    · Surgery: for severe damage, one can opt for Surgery as suggested by their doctors.