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    Treatment of Depression

    Treatment of Depression

    When an individual is diagnosed with a medical condition, then it becomes challenging for him to deal with it. This thereby leads to the severing of the condition and deterioration in the overall health. These days an increasing number of individuals are being affected with medical illnesses and conditions, which at times, pose to be a threat to the mental and physical health of the patients. Depression can occur in any of the ages, thus posing to be a risk to the respective individual’s life. Here, the mental wellness of the respective individual is challenged with the development of mental disorders such as depression. Depression has several causes revolving around it which can cause the same. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that one can receive timely diagnosis and treatment of the depressive disorder. This will help the patient to get treated as per the type of depression. Here are some of the most common treatment options for depression.

    • Medications: Medications form a fundamental part of depression treatment. These medications include anti-depressant medicines, which are useful to treat depressive disorders. As per one of the recent researches, anti-depressant medications function well, and the positive effects are seen in the best possible manner within 2 to 4 weeks. Patients need to take proper care while consuming these medications after being diagnosed with depressive disorders. If any side effects occur, then one must consult with a medical specialist and go ahead with the treatment as per the doctor’s suggestion. Self-discontinuing of the prescribed medications should be strictly avoided to prevent any adverse effects on the body. Children and adolescents must not be given anti-depressant medications as a first-line medication for their respective depressive disorders.
    • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy mainly involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy. These two types of psychotherapies fetch the desired results in improving the mental health of the patient. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy includes cognitive triad. The three components present in the cognitive triad are negative thinking about oneself, experiences in life, and one’s future. The complete thinking of the patient turns into a negative one, and he loses hope in life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy identifies the current mental health issues and accordingly treats them with success. These days, some of the advanced health centers offer Computerized CBT procedures. Most of the patients with depression suffer from the isolation which prevents them from having healthy relationships and interacting with others in the social network. The main aim of the specialist is to work on these loopholes and help the patient receive quality results from this advanced treatment.
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy: Here, the patient diagnosed with depression meets a mental health therapist. The therapist conducts a discussion session to understand certain hidden feelings and mindset, which is causing such major changes in the behavior of the patient. This treatment of the depressive condition is also known as psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
    • Counseling: Counseling with an experienced counselor who has experience in dealing with depression patients is essential to get healed entirely from this mental illness. This helps the patient receive overall treatment for their depressive disorder.

    Thus, if mental disorders like depression are diagnosed at the right point of time, then it becomes easier to treat the patient in the best way. This ultimately improves the mental state and health of the patient.