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    Simplify spirituality


    Real spirituality is simple because God is simple. God has never asked anyone to pray in a particular way for a particular amount of time or donate a particular amount of money. Religions present around the world were supposed to do two things.

    1. Help people in self realization and awaken real spirituality to ‘find’ God.
    2. Help world by promoting harmony and human values.

    Both stands defeated.

    Unfortunately as we see around there is lot of pomp & show in the name of religion, it has become big business. Real spirituality is lost in the religious chaos. People may be doing hours of prayers or meditation, going on pilgrimage, donating big amounts but there is no true realization. There is confusion, chaos and negativity. Millions of articles and discourses of spirituality serving no purpose. Worse they are inflating spiritual ego – a false feeling of being spiritual. No where to go.

    Real spirituality is simple as God is simple. Real spirituality means becoming one with God. And for this one has three options.

    1. The path of awareness (Gyan) – Rightful awareness through rightful thinking. Think of entire creation as one, this will make action rightful and generate peace, compassion and love for all ultimately leading to state of self realization.

    2. The path of action (Karma) – Do rightful action or deeds.Be just to self and others as if all are one. This will make awareness rightful ultimately leading to self realization.

    3. The path of surrender (Bhakti or Worship) – Surrender to God, shed your ego. This will make both awareness and action rightful leading to self realization.

    One can follow any of the path. In worldly life it may not be possible for one to follow a single path. In this one can do following:

    1. In mind follow path of Gyan – Add good knowledge, righteous thinking and become aware.
    2. In soul follow path of Bhakti – Surrender to God and let the love of God flow.
    3. In world follow the path of Karma – Do all your practical life action, your duties including work, relationships, earning money in rightful manner.

    God is right there inside us and every where. All religions, all spirituality revolves around these three paths. The only caution is – Do not get lost in chaos.