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    Holistic weight loss

    Weight is largely a function of two components: diet and exercise. A holistic weight-loss program helps you work with the underlying causes of a weight problem on both sides of that equation. A holistic approach can help you achieve meaningful, long-term weight loss. It can help you shed extra pounds while understanding the comprehensive causes and effects of weight gain and loss. It helps you bring your body into a healthy state of balance and equilibrium.

    Holistic techniques for weight loss

    There are a number of methods by which you can apply holistic techniques to your weight-loss program. When you take certain steps which encompass various aspects of your life, you are bound to lose pounds, keep them off and remain healthy over the long term.

    • Meditation – Meditation is more than just a stress-reliever. It can help binge eaters become aware of how they use food to deal with problematic emotions. it can help make you a more mindful eater.
    • Physical exercise – Exercise does more than just burn calories: It changes your chemistry, releases powerful neurotransmitters, strengthens and revitalizes muscles, increases energy and contributes to happiness, tranquility and a sense of well being.
    • Self-monitoring – One of the most effective tactics for reducing or managing weight is self-monitoring. Keeping a journal and engaging in other self-monitoring techniques help make you more aware of what you’re eating—and why.
    • Visualization – No one loses weight just by sitting around and thinking about it, but visualization can make it easier to keep your eye on the prize. Time spent visualizing what you will look like and how you will feel with less weight can help remind you why you are doing this in the first place.
    • Positive messages about eating – Engage yourself in positive messages such as “I can control my eating” or “My desire for a snack will soon pass” can help reinforce positive behavior. Similarly, positive thoughts such as “I love being healthy” or “I’m proud that I ate responsibly today” can help to reframe your relationship with food.