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    All You Need to Know About Immunity

    All You Need to Know About Immunity

    There are millions of immunity definitions all over the internet. We will not bore you with a lengthy explanation. In short – Immunity is our Disease Fighting Capacity. The most important thing to concern is how to boost it.

    Immunity plays a significant role in our bodies. It is not an organ or any body part, but it is a concept for which we are alive. Without the immune system, we cannot sustain even a minute in this world. The immune system is the reason our body is capable of fighting against the harmful micro foreign organisms and safeguarding our cells. The air we breathe every day contains zillions of microorganisms that are harmful to our bodies. But our immunity system fights against it and helps us to have healthy wellbeing. Multi-cellular organisms gain the capability to destroy these organisms. This capability is known as immunity.

    So what is Immunity or Disease Fighting Capacity

    Immunity can be Innate or Adaptive

    Innate Immunity – This is kind of in-built in our body and is not altered by external stimulation. This can be non specific acting on all organism or specific to certain organism.

    Adaptive Immunity – This kind of immunity is not in-built but changes under circumstances. This can be:

    – Natural due to disease causing agent. This can be further passive (maternal or getting from mother) or active due to exposure to disease causing agent.

    – Artificial due to some deliberate action. This can again be passive which is by transferring antibodies or active as done by vaccination.