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What is Medical Astrology

How it can benefit in treatment

How it is done

How Houses and Planets affects health

How can I avail this service

What is Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is the science which studies the effect of Heavenly Bodies (Sun, Moon and other Planets) on Human Body, Human life and its events. The effect of moon on human health specially is psychiatric disorders have long been studied and established. Similarly sun and other planets also affect human health. The position of these heavenly bodies at the time of person’s birth as well as their subsequent movement affects the tissues, organs and overall health of the person. A careful study of this can help is studying :

  1. Overall strength / weakness of health
  2. Proneness to sickness
  3. Organs / parts of body likely to be affected.
  4. Cause & origin of sickness.
  5. Time of onset and duration of sickness.
  6. Likely progression & outcome of sickness.
  7. Possible remedy to sickness.

How it can benefit me

It can benefit you by :

  1. Having better awareness about your overall health status both at present and how it is likely to be in years to come.
  2. It can tell you which organ / organ system / part of your body require special attention and what kind of conditions / ailments can affect you.
  3. It can help you in identifying cause of sickness and are there any associated factors.
  4. It can help you by knowing likely progress of sickness, how long it is going to affect and the kind of severity it will run.
  5. It can help you by forewarning about any dangerous outcomes.
  6. It can suggest certain measures which may be helpful ii both prevent and treatment of sickness.

How it is done

There are two methods.

  1. Birth Chart – This requires Date, Time and Place of birth of the concerned person. A birth chart is made and studied. This gives more comprehensive analysis of health disease status.
  2. Decumbiture Chart – This requires Date, Time and Place of disease diagnosis / first awareness / ‘taking the bed’.

The Medical Astrologer is able to study the influence of planets on health and disease. This information may then be used to safeguard against possible sickness and as possible aid in regaining health.

How Houses and Planets affects health

Houses in Birth / Decumbiture chart

  1. First House – The physical body & health in general, head, brain,  physical appearance, personality, longevity, skin, sleep.
  2. Second House – Face, right eye, nose, mouth, speech, nails, mind stability, diet.
  3. Third House – Physical growth, fitness, right ear, throat, neck, trachea, esophagus, upper limb, shoulders.
  4. Fourth House – Medication, Maternal Genetic state, chest, lungs, heart, diaphragm.
  5. Fifth House – Thought patters, pregnancy, abdomen, stomach, liver, gall bladder, duodenum, intestine, spleen.
  6. Sixth House – Sickness in general, lifestyle, large intestine, kidney, ureter, wounds, insanity, tuberculosis, tumors, poisoning.
  7. Seventh House – Lower urinary tract, sexual genitalia, prostate, sexual disorders.
  8. Eighth House – Life expectancy, incurable sickness, pregnancy ailments, surgery, trauma.
  9. Ninth House – Nourishment, hips, thighs.
  10. Tenth House – Paternal Genetic influence, knees.
  11. Eleventh House – Recovery from illness, legs, left ear.
  12. Twelfth House – Death, hospitalization, sleep, mental disorder, feet, left eye.


  1. Sun – General health, Vitality, Heart, Stomach, right eye, bones, inflammation.
  2. Moon – Emotional disorders, water retention, excess mucus, allergy, hormones, menstrual disorders, complaints of breast, stomach, left eye.
  3. Mercury – Nervous system, respiratory system, speech, vertigo, skin disease.
  4. Venus – Blood sugar metabolism, endocrine glands, generative organs, sexual drive, urinary system.
  5. Mars – Muscular system, inflammation, accident, surgery, vigor & vitality, bile disorder, fevers.
  6. Jupiter – Blood circulation, fat / obesity, liver, ear.
  7. Saturn – Chronic disease, tumor, malignancy, skin disease, slow activity of organs, complaints of legs & feet.

Here it must be remembered that the state of health and sickness is due to combined effect of planets & houses and other astrological considerations.

How can I avail this service?

This is an online service which can be utilized anywhere from the world. Kindly write to us for details at following email id.

  1. People from India  –  contactethos@gmail.com
  2. People from outside India  –  contactethos.na@gmail.com


It is to be clearly understood that Medical Astrology is not the substitute to either diagnosis or treatment of sickness by doctor / medical profession. It is an aid to healthcare and must be judiciously utilized for information and healthy living.