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    Dry Vagina

    Treatment Dry Vagina – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Vaginal dryness is a common problem for women during and after menopause, although inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur at any age.

    Symptoms of dry vagina

    • Itching or stinging around the vaginal opening and the lower part of the vagina
    • Burning and Soreness
    • Pain or light bleeding with intercourse
    • Urinary frequency or urgency
    • Recurrent urinary tract infections

    Causes of dry vagina

    • Stress
    • Low levels of estrogen
    • Pool or hot tub chemicals
    • Childbirth or breastfeeding
    • Relationship problems
    • Feelings of fear or guilt
    • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for cancer
    • Surgical removal of the ovaries
    • Sjögren’s syndrome Allergyand cold medications and certain antidepressants
    • Douching
    • Lack of foreplay before sexual intercourse
    • Hygiene products, like sprays or harsh soaps
    • Washing powders
    • Diabetes

    Test and diagnosis of dry vagina

    Diagnosis of vaginal dryness may involve:

    • Pelvic exam
    • Pap test
    • Urine test

    Treatments for vaginal dryness

    • Vaginal lubricants – Vaginal moisturisers or creams. These can be used twice or three times a week and can last up to two days.
    • Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) – If you are only experiencing vaginal dryness as a result of low oestrogen levels, a type of HRT that can be applied directly to your vagina may be recommended by a doctor.