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    Posture And Back Pain

    How To Find A Permanent Solution To Low Back Pain By Improving Body Postures?

    Acute or chronic Back pain is among the most commonly observed health issues, observed in billions of people from all around the globe. It is hard to find an individual who has never suffered from this issue at some point in life or the other. Are you aware of the fact that improper body posture is one of the major factors that stands beyond these issues? Though modern health science is yet to find a specific remedy to the issues of low back pain, still, bringing improvements to the body posture, you can certainly find a permanent and a root-cause solution to these problems.

    Why is the right body posture so important? 

    Posture is basically the way you would hold your body, in the instances you stand, sit, or you perform any activities like bending, lifting, or you reach out to an object. In case your posture is not right, it will disturb the correct alignment of the spine, thereby exerting pressure to this part of the body. This is the key factor that triggers issues like low back pain. This is why the right body posture becomes so important. Hence, you don’t have options than to adopt the right posture.

    The key steps in bringing improvements in the body posture

    • Put your thinking cap on: To get the right posture, there is a good scope of imagination. You need to stand upright, and imagine that a straight line is passing from the ceiling to the floor, moving through your body. You need to ensure that shoulders, ears, knees, as well as the hips and the ankle, get lined up vertically. Now, you need to hold back your pelvis and ensure that the lower back is not swaying away. Now, you might feel an urge to stand on the tiptoe, but you need to resist the temptation. Rather, you need to stretch the head in the direction of the ceiling, gradually enhancing the gap between your pelvis and the rib cage.
    • Squeezing the Shoulder Blade: you need to sit up straight in the chair, and you should rest your hands on your thighs. Now, hold back your shoulders at the level of the chin. Now, start drawing the shoulders back and squeezing the shoulder blades together. Now, start counting till 5 and then, relax. You can repeat this workout for 3 to 4 times at a go.
    • Stretching the upper body: You need to stand, facing one of the corners of the room with your arms stretched and the hands held flat against the wall. Now, start bending your front knee and keep on exhaling out, as you lean your body in the direction of the wall. Ensure that your back is held back straight and the chest and head are held up.

    These simple tricks come highly effective in improving your body postures. This ensures that you find a permanent solution to the troubles with low back pain. These steps are easy to follow and, if practiced regularly, will surely produce the most delightful outcome.