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    Color Therapy

    Color therapy also called chromotherapy aids us both mentally and physiologically and a therapist may implement color in many different ways. Color therapy is totally holistic, non invasive, safe and gentle. Color Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body’s energy by using the colors of the light spectrum, which can help to stimulate our body’s own healing process. The energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, resonates with the energy of each of the seven main energy centres of the body.

    • Violet – It relates to Crown chakra. It is good for kidney problems, tumors and can even work to suppress the appetite.
    • Indigo- It relates to Brow Chakra. It helps ones connect to their spirituality and enhance creativity.
    • Blue – It relates to Throat Chakra. It lowers blood pressure, decreases respiration, helps induce sleep and enhances communication.
    • Green – It relates to Heart Chakra. It helps calm nerves, relax both mentally and physically, it promotes self control and harmony.
    • Yellow – It relates to Solar Plexus Chakra. It is effective in reliving depression and headaches and improves memory and awareness.
    • Orange – It relates to Sacral Chakra. It regulates circulation, metabolism, helps defeat chest and kidney diseases and it has an ability to energize.
    • Red – It relates to Base Chakra. It is powerful in healing blood disease, circulation problems, increasing blood pressure, depression and enhancing confidence and willpower.

    Color therapy is one of the best therapies to increase your sense of well being. Your color practitioner will use light filters, meditation, colored silks, waters, crystals and or color breathing. The method of choice will be based on your first consultation. a color therapist can help to balance the flow of the energy that surges through the body. It can be used to enhance the spiritual positive energies or calm the negative ones. A color therapist can work to help focus on the physiological effects that colors have on us so that we can learn how to achieve great physical and mental health by just changing the colors that we see on a daily basis. A trained color therapist can help us to work on balancing our emotional lives as well as healing our stress, tension and physical symptoms due to anxiety, fear and more. Color therapy is a very pleasant and safe therapy that is good for people of all ages.