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    Homeopathy For OCD

    Homeopathy for OCD : Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder & characterized by obsessive thoughts which are recurrent, unwanted & usually anxiety-provoking, & by compulsions, repeated acts which relieve feelings of tension. OCD can start at any time from preschool age to adulthood (usually by age 40). A lot of healthy people can identify with having some of the symptoms of OCD, such as checking the gas-stove several times before leaving the house. But the disorder is diagnosed only when such activities consume at least an hour a day, are very distressing, and interfere with daily life

    Examples of obsessions are fear of germs, of being hurt or hurting others, and disturbing religious or sexual thoughts. Examples of compulsions are counting or cleaning things, washing the body or parts of it repeatedly, or arrange things in a particular way, when these actions are not necessary, and check everything over and over again
    There are many effective treatments available for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). However Homeopathy treatment for OCD with cognitive-behavioural therapy is very effective for fast improvement

    Homeopathic medicines can be used very successfully to treat anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, will influence your moods and assist you in breaching your habits and stop your compulsive behavior. Homeopathic remedies will work like a stimulus to awaken OCD sufferers who are in a nightmare like state, and help shift their attention from their myths, compulsions and behaviors to actuality.

    In view of the fact that homeopathy works with the person’s own vital force towards equilibrium and healing, it will influence the brain chemistry and assist the patient in resuming psychological strength and symmetry. Some of the remedies used for the treatment of OCD are:

    • Agaricum
    • Anacardium
    • Causticum
    • Ignatia
    • Argentum nit
    • Arsenicum
    • Aurum metallicum
    • Hyoscyamus
    • Iodine Metallicum
    • Natrum Muriaticum

    Homeopathic treatment is the most curative, non-toxic, gentle and modern treatment.