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    Autoimmune Disease

    Autoimmune Disease

    Lots of people are unaware of the term autoimmune disorder – it is a physical condition or disease where the immune system attacks and tries to destroy the healthy cells. Nevertheless, checking of conditions, on time, is a must to resist the symptoms from getting worse.

    So, below are some of the ways of learning and knowing this disorder. In the future, when we come across a person with similar symptoms, suggesting them to the doctor will be a better option.

    Detection of autoimmune diseases

    The detection of autoimmune disease is medically not possible with one medical test. As a result, the doctor needs to carry out a series of medical tests to confirm the presence of the disorder. These types of diseases remain hidden under various other symptoms. So, biased results are usually expected from one single medical test. Nevertheless, there are multiple medical tests available to cross-check the presence of these disorders in the body. Most importantly, the doctors need to carry on the ANA or the Antinuclear Antibody Test to firstly confirm the presence of any autoimmune disease.

    Causes of autoimmune diseases

    The exact cause and reason behind these diseases are still unknown. Various biological reasons can trigger an autoimmune disease. Needless to say, food habits, lifestyle, sleeping durations as well as the living styles, determine it all. Nevertheless, various researches and theories claim that some bacteria and viruses come in contact with the biological system and trigger the presence of these types of disorders. This triggering occurs due to a confused immune system that fails to acts naturally. Hereditary factors are also a massive reason behind the triggering of these diseases at younger ages. These all are a combined set of reasons. As a matter of fact, no particular reason has yet been found out for the triggering of autoimmune systems.

    Statements on the curability of autoimmune diseases

    The first and foremost fact to remember is that any form of autoimmune disease is manageable though may not be curable. The doctors check the symptoms and the side-effects related to them. The challenging factor is to control the symptoms over time. The symptoms increase if it goes neglected. Needless to say, the pain related to the symptoms is usually excruciating. As a result, doctors suggest various anti-inflammatory drugs to keep the pain under control. They also suggest various immunosuppressant drugs. These drugs control the activity of the immune system.

    Worst known autoimmune diseases 

    The worst known autoimmune diseases include SLE, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. These diseases destroy life. Nevertheless, a series of medical checkups planned treatments, and prescribed drugs bring the patients back to their normal lives. It is a hardcore fight that takes a chunk of the person’s life. These less-than-deadly disorders make the patients go deranged and mentally harrowed. Obviously, patience and endurance is the key to reach the other end. So, fighting through it is the best way.

    Blood tests are just not enough

    A single blood test cannot finalize the presence of autoimmune disease in a person. It is a subtle form of disorder in the body. Various blood tests, including the Autoantibody test (AAT), is rather important to determine the presence of any autoimmune disease in the body. The Auto-antibody test includes checking the body with the presence of any auto-antibodies. One must know that auto-antibodies self-attack the cells, organs, and tissues. Needless to say, the immune system creates these auto-antibodies within the body.


    Though Autoimmune diseases cannot be cured but can be well managed.  With proper diagnosis, medication and also taking help of homeopathy and healthy lifestyle can go a long way in living a near normal healthy life.