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    Can Bedsores Be Treated Naturally?

    Can Bedsores Be Treated Naturally?

    Decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers is a condition where the skin and the underlying tissue is injured. This is caused due to the exertion of prolonged pressure. The skin that covers the bony areas of your body – ankles, tailbone, hips, and heels face the problem of bedsores more than the rest of the body. People who are suffering from a medical condition that restricts their movement of forces them to stay hours in a chair or bed are at a higher risk of suffering from bedsores. It develops very quickly but it can be cured. However, there are certain bedsores which never completely heal.

    What are the symptoms of bedsores?

    Every medical condition or disease presents a series of warning signs. You must watch out for them. Pressure ulcers or bedsores commonly have these signs and symptoms.

    ● Swelling

    ● The texture or color of skin changes

    ● Pus like draining can be seen

    ● Tender areas

    ● Certain areas of your body will feel warmer or cooler when touched in comparison to the rest of the body.

    There are several stages of bedsores. This is based entirely on its severity, characteristics, and depth. The degree to which tissue and skin are damaged ranges from unbroken, red skin to deep injuries that involve bone and muscle.

    What are the most common sites of bedsores occurring in our body?

    People who are bound to their wheelchair, face pressure sores in the following areas –

    ● Shoulder blades

    ● Spines

    ● Buttocks or tailbone

    ● Back of legs and arms

    Those who are confined to their bed, the sites for bedsores are –

    ● Lower back, tailbone, hip

    ● Sides of the head

    ● Ankles, heels, and skin behind your knees

    ● Shoulder blades

    Can Bedsores Be Treated Naturally?

    The flow of blood is limited by bedsores as they exert pressure against your skin. Check out the list of natural remedies that will help you take care of bedsores –

    ●      Gel Pads:

    You can use mattress, cushions, and gel pads at the pressure points to prevent bedsores. Doing this on a regular basis will diminish the chances of bedsores. The pressure-relieving gel present in gel pads will feel incredibly soft against your skin. It will also keep the area cool. Not only will you feel the required comfort but also end up improving your blood circulation.

    ●      Lavender Oil:

    Mix together six drops of pure lavender oil with shea butter or coconut oil (15ml). Pour this directly over a clean gauze and hold it against the affected area of your skin. Try doing this twice a day. The analgesic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties present in lavender oil work wonders in curing bedsores. It cures bedsores and prevents infection from spreading.

    ●      Coconut Oil:

    The benefits of coconut oil are not unknown to anyone. The fatty acids present in coconut oil exhibits powerful anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. This helps to heal the bedsores. All you have to do is massage the affected area with pure coconut oil.

    Take care of bedsores before it transforms into an infection. You should also consult your doctor regarding the same.