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    Television addiction

    Television addiction is a disorder studied in television studies where the subject has a compulsion to watch television programming. Watching the television is one of the most common daily activities, but this use can often turn into abuse by those who watch it for days and no longer pay attention to what they are watching. Like every instrument of communication, the television can be used for good or bad and it can become an object which people depend on when looking to satisfy their needs and when, in a society like today’s, there is a crisis in an institution which is solved by delegating the problem to this communication device, which should not be done as it is not designed for this purpose. The problem is that watching television in excess can cause physical problems as well as problems with relationships.

    Possible Signs of Television Addiction

    • Television watching takes up much of the person’s time.
    • the desire to buy products advertised on the television
    • He or she has withdrawn from important social, work, or family activities in order to watch television.
    • Withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety, irritability and nervous agitation, from the moment that the victim no longer has a television available.
    • Reduction in leisure activities so as to watch television

     Effects of Television Addiction

    • Makes you forget about reality
    • Leads to depression
    • It can induce guilt

    How to overcome television addiction

    • Take up hobbies and find time for creative and active activities during the week
    • Make a list of all of the other non-television activities you find pleasurable
    • Limit the daily amount of television to 2-3 hours.
    • Switch on the television for specific program only
    • Counseling and Hypnotherapy are effective for quick treatment.

    In some cases it is possible to regulate our habits ourselves so as to get rid of this addiction quickly, leaving time to do other, more creative activities. In other cases, and especially when this addiction is one of many, victims have to go on specific treatment courses which may require them to completely change their habits.