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    Infection-Virus: Introduction and Prevention

    Infection-Virus: Introduction and Prevention

    The world is going through a pandemic. In this tough time, it is essential to boost our immunity. We need to prepare our bodies in such a way that it becomes capable of fighting the antigens. Eliminating these particles from our bodies will eventually lead to better health of the patient.

    Apart from knowing about the immune system and boosting its strength, it is also equally important to know about the infections. If we know about their behavior and impact, we can avoid them in so many ways.

    Let us know more about the virus and its behavior and learn about some methods to avoid it.


    There are different forms of infections. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites all come under the category, but this knowledge is incomplete. We have various enzymes and bacteria in our body fluid as well. We cannot consider them as infections.

    Infection is something that enters from outside of our body. It is basically an antigen that makes its way to our bodies. They intervene in the work of white blood cells (WBC) to make our immunity weak. Symptoms of the infection are also different from one another; it is not necessarily evident initially.

    Let us take the example of the corona virus. All of us have read that there are many more people who would test positive if they are tested. But, they are currently asymptotic because this virus starts showing its symptoms only after 14 days.

    Also, every infection has different behavior. Some might spread throughout the body while some remain static.


    Viruses are microorganisms and are notably diminished than the size of bacteria. They enter the body through various modes of contact. Exchange of fluids, physical contact, and air are some ways for the virus to enter into the body.

    The virus is one of the most dangerous infections, and its outbreak has always proved to be difficult to handle. Be it the Ebola outbreak or Swine flu or current corona virus outbreak, we know about its adverse effects. Its outbreak is fatal to the health of the people. Moreover, it has broken the economy of many countries and brings everything to square one.

    A virus consists of RNA, DNA, and nucleic acid. These elements are basic for all the living entities. It depends on the virus that the RNA and DNA that they contain are double-stranded or single-stranded.

    The foremost step of the virus is to enter the host’s body. It enters by different means, sometimes by mosquito bites and sometimes by respiratory passage. It can also enter the body if we use used-syringe and used-injections. They are not capable of making their own ‘food’ and hence depend on the host for the energy. It leads the patient to become weak.

    Common Virus Diseases

    • Common Cold and Flu
    • Measles Mumps Rubella
    • Chicken Pox
    • Herpes
    • Swine Flu
    • Corona Disease
    • HIV AIDS
    • Rota Virus Diarrhea
    • Warts
    • Hepatitis
    • Encephalitis


    Let us understand some ways in which we can prevent this infection from getting into our body. First of all, we need to understand that healthy immunity is the key to a healthier lifestyle. How do we attain a stronger immune system?

    Balanced diet and discipline in lifestyle can be helpful. Simple habits like washing hands more frequently with soap should be added to the routine of people. Apart from that, we should cover our mouths while sneezing or coughing. It is something very basic that we have learned in primary school, but sadly, most of us don’t follow it.

    When we are on any trip or tour, sanitizer should be handy. We won’t get water everywhere to wash our hands in such circumstances, and so, sanitizer can be the savior.

    Drink a lot of water and gargle more frequently. Also, have a balanced diet and add medicinal herbs to it. Try adding garlic, turmeric, and holy basil in your food habit to strengthen your immunity.

    We all are suffering from a very tough time, and we should enlighten ourselves. We should be aware of the facts which can be helpful for us. As stated above, the story starts with a virus entering the body. Try to be extra careful, and don’t let it in. Follow preventive measures and stay safe and healthy. Small changes can lead us to better tomorrow. Little care taken at this moment can save us from bigger and sadder scenarios.